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Hope On the Move

Our hurricane relief efforts continued this week in the city of Port Salut.

In addition to medical clinics...

cleaning up...

and distributions of food, water, and clothing...

we were able to construct two homes for families who had lost everything. One family lost more than everything, when two of their three children were crushed beneath the rubble of their home.

These homes cost $2700 for us to construct, using Haitian labor. Please consider making a donation towards building another one.

Sadly, we now know where people have been sleeping: In tombs, water cisterns, and natural caves.

In the midst of these really difficult situations, we had some special visitors from Charlotte, NC arrive this weekend. Tim Blumenstein came with a team from the Covenant Day School. They had previously set up an aquaponics project for us. This time they came to prepare a plan for a larger project. They also brought us badly needed medicines.

These medicines will be used in Port Salut and surrounding villages this week, by the Bless Back Worldwide medical team that arrived yesterday.

This morning we were blessed with a message from Bless Back's executive director, Bill Smith.

​In addition to all of the hurricane relief efforts, our MOHI Education Cooperative has been in full swing. Alicia has been instilling good hygiene practices, in an effort to keep germs and sickness at bay! One of the tricks the kids learned from our friend Chel is that they should sing 'Happy Birthday' twice through while scrubbing their hands with soap.

This evening we were so blessed to receive a donation of from another church in Grand-Goave. Rebecca Honorat, a missionary at Heart to Heart, coordinated the collection and delivery of food, soap, laundry detergent, water, toothpaste, toothbrushes, candles, matches, and more. These supplies were either donated by church members or purchased from donations the members made. This thrills me!!!!

We are so excited to have received a donation of 6 water treatment units from Hays Pure Water via the 12:1 Run. These units arrived with the Bless Back team and they will be training people locally to use them. There are so many areas that have no clean water to drink. This is a life saving device!

Wherever he goes, Lex always makes friends. He refers to these particular friends as his security team:

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributed to hurricane relief over these past few weeks. You are making a big difference in the lives of many in the city of Port Salut and Port-a-Piment. Thank you!!! Please click play below to see some more pictures from our week in Port Salut.

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