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Use Your Skills

What are your skills, professions, or hobbies?

This week as I was going through team member applications I noticed that each individual had a such unique skills. As I scanned through them I would have cool ideas of things that each person can do while they are in Haiti. Whether they were a plumber or had a hobby of making jewelry I still could think of quite a few things they could do utilizing their skills. Just because you don't have a college degree, not a teacher, a pastor, or a doctor doesn't mean that your skills can't be useful on the mission field.

I encourage you to take time this week and really think about what you would like to accomplish this year. Is visiting Haiti on that list? If so, take a look into it, join a team this year! Trust me it's totally worth it!

Welcome Back Bless Back Worldwide!

Bless Back Worldwide joined us this week to do a men's health day in Thozin, a community health day in St. Etienne, continue cosmetology classes, student checkups and activities, dentistry, and mobile clinics! We are always so grateful for their continued partnership with MOHI! Scroll down for some pictures from their trip this week.

Church in Haiti

Join us Sunday mornings for our LIVE service! Just go to our Facebook page at 8 AM (EST) every Sunday to tune in!

Thank you all for your support and prayers throughout the years. As you take on the new week remember to ask yourself, "What could I do with my skills?"

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