The Owls Have Returned

In the Beginninig...

Last year we had 6 full time missionaries. In the evenings, oftentimes a few of us would enjoy some games together (board games, cards...). At one point we began listening to the Chronicles of Narnia on audio book while playing. One of my favorite parts of the audio book version is found in the Silver Chair. The chapter is called "A Parliament of Owls".

I love how the narrator interprets the owls speaking. He never just says "two," "knew," or "true," but he says, "two-HOO," "knew-HOO," and "tru-HOO" in a sing songy "owly" voice. After listening to that book, we would use the same verbiage whenever we were announcing a two in one of our games. It always made us giggle and even now, I think of my parliament of owls each time I hear or say the number two.

We also started a Facebook chat for the 6 of us and affectionately named it the MOHI Parliament of Owls. Unfortunately, our owls flew away to Germany (Holger & Sigrun), Massachusetts (Alicia), and North Carolina (Angie). We all still chatted upon occasion individually, but our chat group laid dormant - until this past week. The MOHI Parliament of Owls were together again in Haiti while Lex and I were in Massachusetts, but we were able to find that old Facebook chat and use it once again. It was such a joyful week for all of us!

The Team

Alicia (whom you'll recall was our missionary kids' teacher last year) co-led a team from Northern Massachusetts to Haiti this past week. Angie (whom you'll recall ran the medical ministry last year) assisted Jephte in hosting that team, in our absence. Holger and Sigrun have been holding down the fort, while continuing with the culinary training classes at the Thozin school.

Twenty-three of our friends from West Newbury Congregational Church and Pilgrim Congregational Church came to Haiti to put their wide variety of skills to work. Pastor Lex and I are so grateful for each one of them who worked so hard, loved so intensely, and gave so willingly while serving at MOHI.

Here's some of what they did:

They painted the inside of the Gathering Place...

Excavated a new soccer field...

Sorted and organized...

Held a Lego Club...

Held a Dance Club...

Visited, fed, celebrated with and ministered to the disabled (including physical therapy and adjusting seats to make them more practical and comfortable)...

Taught First Aid and worked in the clinic...

Built benches...

Did craft projects...

And finally, took a boat ride to a tropical beach!

What are you waiting for? Let's work together to create a Haitian Education Expedition that is designed for YOUR team!

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