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Why Come To Haiti? (A Week At MOHI)

Come on Down!

If any of you have talked with Pastor Lex and Renee during one of their visits to the US, you will know that they always invite you or others to "come on down!"

Now, other than all the reasons you can think of NOT to come. Think of all the reasons of how you COULD come. Well today I'll be sharing with what you can expect when you come to Haiti for a week with us.

To start off we charge $500/week (not including airfare. Included in this cost is local transportation, room, and board). We generally have our trips Saturday to Saturday and the week goes something like this:

Saturday- Arrive in Haiti

Drive to MOHI Campus (about two to three hour drive)

Arrive at MOHI campus and attend orientation

Sunday- Morning Church Service

Chill out afternoon


Briefing for the upcoming week



Morning Devotions

Work on Project

Evening Debriefing

Lights out

Friday- Option to work on project or have a fun beach day

Saturday- Leave and book your next trip ASAP!

That seems like a pretty reasonable week, right? Now on top of all that, imagine all the relationships and impact that you'll be making in just that week! Even better, teams that come to MOHI work on things that will make an impact long term because we want to create sustainability in our community.

So now that I've convinced you to come on a trip, reach out to me and I'll set you up!

This Isn't Goodbye, just see you later ;)

We said goodbye to Holger and Sigrun this past week. We are so grateful for everything that they have done during their stay with us. They taught our first culinary class and now their students are teaching the next class! We know we will see them again and they will always have a special place in our hearts. Enjoy the pictures of their time here with us below.

As always thank you for your support and prayers! We are so grateful for each and everyone one of you! Enjoy your week!

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