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We so enjoyed working with our three new friends from Connecticut: Jonathan, Devon, and Brett.

They assisted in the clinic and an outreach, they read with our students, and they helped us get some smaller projects completed. We now have stairs for the new clinic entrance!

Dr. Jim Bironj and Tim Stiles, from Mission USA joined us mid-week. They completed some repairs and upgrades to the dental clinic. They moved one of the chairs and a counter into new positions and we now have a great suction machine set up for both chairs.

Dr. Mabou is now responsible to ensure our students receive their weekly Fluoride Swish in their classrooms. This is a program that was set up by Dr. Chris Kibler from Bless Back Worldwide.

Occasionally the Haitian government will send out agents to collect statistics on the population. They always seem to pick our school. This past week they were looking for instances of worms. What a joy it is to see our children boldly presented before the government, knowing they are in good health and proud to be a part of the great image their school has in the community.

Madame Tenor is one of our faithful workers here at MOHI. It's no small feat to cook food for 70 students, staff, and patients each day. She does it with such a sweet spirit. She brings joy to our hearts!

Little by little we are still progressing on the new entryway/waiting area for the clinic. This week we installed new doors and have started the finishing coats of concrete on the walls.

We were happy to welcome some more friends from the States yesterday. MOHI Board member, Carlos Pereira, his wife, Rita, and their friends Glenda, Ana, and Vera will be participating in the women's conference coming up Thursday through Sunday. Team G3, led by Cheryl Finn, has already been busy unpacking medicines, enjoying our worship service, touring our facility and visiting friends in the area. Tomorrow they will begin working in the medical clinic, doing activities with our students, and helping out with some maintenance tasks.

The rainy season arrived with a bang (or maybe a swoosh?) this week with torrential rains that last three nights. We're excited, as we planted corn just in time to get that necessary water. We've also planted lots of plantains and black beans.

Several years ago the UN planted a mango tree on our Thozin campus. It looks like we'll have a great harvest this year. So many of our friends in New England love to eat mangoes. Many of you know, too, that until you've tasted a mango plucked right from the tree in Haiti, you really haven't experienced the thrill of mango.

We're so proud of our boys scholastic soccer team. They qualified for the championship match this week. The final score was 1-0 in favor of the other team, after they scored on a highly contested penalty kick. Great effort guys!!!

Whether reading books, doing puzzles, or watching videos of our students, it's all more fun when we do it with others.

The Lord's presence was sweet this morning at our worship service in Thozin. Pastor Carlos shared a wonderful message of encouragement with us. You can experience it, too, on Facebook. We broadcast love most Sunday mornings at 8AM, but you can still visit our page at your convenience to be encouraged, as well.

Isn't it a wonderful thing when there are so many good things going on at the same time that I have to wait until next week to continue sharing?

Thank you so much for being such a vital part of this Kingdom work in Haiti. This is truly a collaboration of many individuals, organizations, and cultures working together to glorify God and share in His love and compassion with fellow men, women, and children - all created in HIS image. I pray His love fills you to overflowing today, so it spills out on those around you, too.

P.S. I received word this morning that our grandson, Alante, is now dancing. I'm grateful for today's technology so I got to witness it. *Happy Grandmother*

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