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A Dieu Mama

Thursday, June 25th, Lex's mom, Lexida Augustin Edme, passed into eternity. She suffered terribly with Alzheimer's disease for decades. She was a woman of strong faith who trusted Jesus with her life. We rejoice that she is free from her feeble body of flesh and is now dancing with Jesus in a place more beautiful than she could ever have imagined. Still, for those of us who remain, the matriarch of the family will be missed. The memories created with her will continue to be told for generations to come.

I'm pretty sure each one of her children believe that they were her favorite child. I'm even more sure that they were. Each child is cherished uniquely and Mme. Thermeus loved all 8 of her children fiercely.

When Alexis was 6 months old, I traveled to Haiti with her. Grandma's health seemed to be declining and I was determined that they meet before she died. That was 23 years ago. Not only did she meet Alexis then, but she was able to see both she and AJay as they were growing up in Haiti.

Madame, as her children affectionately referred to her, had several voices. Whenever the kids and I would see her, we would get the high pitched, loving one. As she aged, cataracts interfered with her vision (she refused surgery!), so when we'd visit she would pat us down to see how we were looking and asked if we'd been eating. She always referred to Lex as "Pastor" with her sing-song voice full of affection.

She ruled her home with an iron fist while loving unconditionally. Everything had to be in its place and clean. That was nonnegotiable for her. If you thought you'd get away with just rinsing out a pot instead of scrubbing it, you were just wrong.

I remember one of her sons had separated with his wife and yet it seemed every time I visited "Grann" his wife was there with her. Gran loved her as her own daughter, no matter the problems she was having with her son. That really made a lasting impression on me. Even though culturally Haitians are fiercely loyal to their family, somehow this daughter-in-law had crossed a line and Gran would insure that she would forever be a part of this family.

Over the years, Lex has shared many family stories with me. I could sit and listen to them all day long!!! My favorite one with his mom is about praying over the pot. It was a Lesson in Faith from a woman living by faith each and every day. (Click on the link to read it.)

When we moved to Haiti we learned to live by faith, as well. She taught us much by both word and deed. There were many times when we didn't know how we were going to survive and she would step in to help us. She believed in what we were doing and prayed for us regularly. She NEVER used the last of her funds. She believed that because she was a mother, it was her responsibility to have something hidden somewhere for when her children were in need.

In the midst of recalling so many wonderful memories, we are in the midst of MOHI adventure - getting the bus to Haiti. Lex did the final packing this week, with the help of AJay, Cherie, Gama, Alain, and Huguener. It was wonderful to see how great a job they did and how quickly it was completed.

Lex and I are in the midst of traveling right now. We visited our friends at Mission USA in Barberton, OH while picking up an engine to ship to Haiti.

From there we continued on to Charlotte where we will soon see some of our friends from Bless Back Worldwide. We will then meet up with the bus that is getting a ride to Miami. We'll be adding some medical supplies from Bless Back, before Lex continues on to Florida where he will make arrangements with the ship to get the bus to Haiti.

When you think of us throughout this week, please pray for safe travels, smooth logistics, and for the bus to arrive safely in Haiti. We also appreciate your prayers for our family as we say goodbye to "Grann." Memorial donations can also be made to Mission of Hope International. Thank you!

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