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Bus Arrives in GG

Last week I told you that we had received all the supplies that shipped on the bus. This week the bus itself arrived at the MOHI main campus without any issues. We are so grateful for the favor God has shown! Again, we want to express our gratitude to each of you who donated goods, funds, and prayers to see this project through. Thank you!!!

Our friends in Haiti are enjoying legally gathering to worship together once again!

Many of you donated masks for our clinic patients, students, and neighbors and they are still being distributed and used. Thank you! Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, life is still happening. Women are still in need of prenatal care,

little ones are in need of well baby checks and help when they're not feeling well,

and people are still having to deal with tooth pain that cannot be set aside for a more opportune moment.

We're so grateful for the perseverance of our staff and for everyone who supports the medical and dental clinics. Thank you!

Those of you who are praying for MOHI, please keep August 10th in your prayers, as school is scheduled to reopen on that date. We nee godly wisdom and good understanding among our staff and also among parents and students. We are trusting the Lord will guide us in a way that will be a blessing to our communities. Thank you for joining us in these prayers.

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