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Blessing to Blessing

Thank you once again to White Stone Church in Knoxville Tennessee! The van they shipped to us has arrived in Haiti!!!

God provides for so many urgent needs in the medical and dental clinics at MOHI. REJOICE with us over HIS goodness toward us!!!

There are many details to be worked out and through when building a medical lab. I'm so grateful for folks like architect Paul Fallon and the Haiti coordinator with Bless Back Worldwide, Lisa McCloy, who have been volunteering their time and energy toward making this vision become a reality.

Paul has been designing the floor plan for the lab with input from Lisa and me and on-the-ground video chatting with Lex and Jephte. Lisa has been figuring out what supplies we need and looking for the best ways to acquire them.

Lex has been working daily with the masons and other tradesmen to ensure he's getting just what he wants in this building. This week we finished up the majority of the concrete finishing on the exterior of the building. Doors and windows were crafted and we got some painting done, too.

Sometimes Pastor Edon joins in on the supervising, too!

We had a couple of classrooms that desperately needed the floors finished. We started on that this week, too.

What a joy it is for Lex and me, as we begin to meet the supporters of Christian Light School! Next weekend we will be traveling to Jacksonville to spend some time with the school's founder, Sherrie Fausey, and to meet with several other supporters. I love seeing how the Lord utilizes the many faces and individual giftings of HIS people to impact the lives of so many through ministries like Christian Light School and MOHI.

By working together, we are able to truly make a difference - starting right now and continuing into eternity. Praise the Lord!

The country of Haiti is going through many difficulties right now. Christian Light School is impacted more often than our other schools by political uprisings, being located in the heart of Haiti's capital city Port-au-Prince. This week there was a very large, organized day of protests that kept students in the city home. Our other schools have continued holding classes uninterrupted. Would you join us in praying for the country and specifically for our students to receive the education they are looking for? And above all else, that they may know Jesus! Thank you.

Feeding programs in Haiti are so critical. I grew up never knowing what it looked like or felt like to go hungry. Over the past 21 years in Haiti, I have observed my husband leading and ministering in Haiti with great compassion. I would venture to say that more often than not the root cause of people's problems can be traced to hunger. This is why we feed our students at school. This is why we often provide food for clinic patients. This is why we are generous with sharing food with our staff. This is why we will often give food to people who come to us with a financial need. When you've never been hungry, it's easy to assume the solution to the problem is complicated, but that's not often the case. When a hungry person is fed, their bodies can heal, their minds can learn, hope can rise, and an attitude of gratitude will soar.

Dave recently visited the medical clinic for the first time, walking quite a distance from his home outside the city of Grand-Goave. His mother had been to the clinic several times and each time found a solution for her situation. This gave Dave hope that he would find help for his fever and abdominal pain.

Just like Dave, this young girl is not a student at MOHI, but she heard of the clinic and came for a consultation. She approached Pastor Bauvais prior to seeing the doctor and asked him to pray for her.

Like you, prayer is an important aspect of my relationship with God. It's also an important part of what our students learn at school - both theoretically and practically.

I just love seeing these nuggets enjoying their English educational videos!!!

And these older students learning computer skills in school!

Onese and Darline ...

5 of the TEN kittens at Cayes Mirliton right now!!!! Kittens usually manage to disappear (Mama Saphira often has a lot to do with that), but this past year Saphira let 4 of her kittens/grand-kittens stick around. Three of them are apparently females and have all had litters over the past couple of weeks.

And for those of you who just need some extra cuteness to carry you through the week, these are for you:

After a hard day's work, this is a scene we often see before dinner...

Thank you for being a part of Mission of Hope International! We're better together!!!!

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