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Happy June

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It was a special morning – even for Pastor Lex!

It is the final month of the school year at MOHI. Everyone is really digging in to finish strong.

The kindergarten and senior classes at MOHI spent some time trying on their graduation robes and making other preparations for their upcoming ceremonies. Lex sent me pictures that I had printed. He will bring them into Haiti with him later this month. They will be a valued memory for each of the students.

This group of students walk 35 minutes barefoot through the mud to get to school. When they arrive they wash their feet and put their socks and shoes on. Students may show up at school a little disheveled (because they’re kids, after all), but NEVER dirty.

Someone recently asked if one of our students speaks English. My response was that all of our students speak some English, and then some truly excel at it. I've always noticed a lot of joy associated with speaking English at the school.

Roseland is the assistant school director and the facilitator for everything and everyone at the school. She has now stepped into the role of child sponsorship coordinator in Haiti, too, leading a team of staff who ensure our child sponsors and students get the most out of the relationship.

As much as the families are grateful for an education, the feeling of a full tummy each day may outshine the rest. Thank you to each of you who continue to support MOHI so that we can continue to acquire food and pay our staff to cook for these young people.

And for the littlest ones, too!

Maintenance is a big deal!!!

We are so grateful to have Bless Back Worldwide as a partner for well over a decade now. The relationship we have between organizations is the model we look at when forming new organizational partnerships. Each organization gives its all in the capacity they are able to. Each considers the others’ goals and helps one another to accomplish them. In this partnership, what’s good for MOHI is good for Bless Back, and What’s good for Bless Back is good for MOHI. It’s always a win–win situation when we consider others before ourselves.

Together, we have created a clinic that is making a huge difference in our school, throughout the community, and beyond.

Our friend John Armour arrived in Luperón, DR yesterday with the new water filtration system for La Grúa. Woo Hoo!!! He brought it in parts and assembled it in Luperón. I’m so excited to see this system in place and the people of the La Grúa neighborhood getting healthier!

We are extremely grateful to our partners at New England Chapel, who took this project on in a very personal way and raised enough funds to complete the entire project. In addition to purchasing the customized water system itself, we dug a well, ran pipes across a river, and are building a “water house” to secure the system, store, and distribute the water.

Lex and John visited the church construction site in Luperón this morning after going to their service. You see John here praying over the property and asking the LORD to provide the remaining funding for this project. Those of you who have served in the DR with us know how desperately they need this building completed. We have put just over $45,000 into the project so far and need to raise an additional $39,000 to complete it. Please click the picture below to donate today.

Nurse Marlouse continues to be a friend and counselor to the people of Cambiaso, La Grúa, and Baraguana.

The START NOW babies are growing!

Lex and I are deeply grateful to all our friends and partners who have made these achievements possible. Your unwavering dedication and generosity have provided education, nourishment, and healthcare to many in need and fostered meaningful partnerships that enrich our communities. Together, we are making a lasting impact and bringing hope to those we serve. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and for joining us in creating a brighter future.


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