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My All in All

Today is Mother's Day in Haiti. We'd like to take this moment to wish all the wonderful moms in Haiti, "Bon Fèt Manman!"

One of the things I love about Haitian culture is the honor that societies give to mothers. Even children who were not raised directly by their mothers (usually for financial reasons) hold their mothers in high esteem. Over and over again I have heard people talk about their mothers (especially on Mother's Day): "My mother carried me for 9 months in her tummy. She nourished me. She chose not to abort me. She sacrificed her own childhood for me. She had nothing, but did the best she could for me..."

How wonderful it is to be able to come alongside mothers to help them care for their children. Looking at these little ones, I think of my own grandchildren. They are precious to me and bring me so much joy. These babies are someone else's grandbabies - greatly treasured by them and their families. I'm so grateful the Lord has opened the door for their lives to be positively impacted with a nutritional boost and love.

These mothers met with our staff to register their children for the new baby feeding program in St. Etienne.

The flag-raising ceremony is a very solemn moment each morning at the school in St. Etienne.

The children are happy to be able to go to school.

All children know how to have fun, too!

Flag Day is coming up this week (18 May) and the children are preparing to sing and march.

Samuel is a graduate of MOHI's high school in Thozin. His dad, Paul, has been working for MOHI since September 2000. I can't even tell you how proud Paul feels when he sees his son teaching in the classroom. Samuel is a hard worker and also assists with plumbing and electrical work at the mission.

This is Dony, a 3rd-grade student at MOHI who is in need of a sponsor. This week he shared a little with us about his life. "I love God very much because He is the One who gives us life. My mother died and my father is with another woman now. For some reason, I do not live with my stepmother, but rather with my godmother. My father gives me what he can sometimes, but God always takes care of me. My favorite meal is rice and beans with chicken sauce. I love to play soccer." If you'd like more information about sponsoring a child, please shoot us an email at

Hats off to our amazing nurses (and lab technician) working at MOHI's Thozin campus. They have busy days and so many details to pay attention to, yet they take the time to educate and care for their patients. What a blessing they are to our community!

It was another busy week in the clinic.

Our dental staff works hard, too. Myril, a local farmer, visited the dental clinic for the first time. He told us, "I had a front tooth that kept me from laughing. Thank God for Dr. Mabou who transformed my smile this morning! Now I'm going to laugh nonstop! Thank you!"

We are super excited about everyone's enthusiasm for the "Fill the Container" food drive. We have been receiving cases and cases of food from our generous supporters. Thank you!!! We repack those Amazon/Wal-Mart/Sams Club shipments so they can be packed snugly into the container. We have about a ton of food already, but still have a long way to go to get that container filled. Please continue to give and pray for food to feed our friends in Haiti!

This month has been a difficult one for our Port-au-Prince campus. Would you please keep the staff and students in prayer as we work to resolve the current discord? Lex and I would also appreciate some extra prayer support this week. Thank you.

How great is our God?!!! The church in Thozin sang this song out this morning. It was a wonderful time of reflecting on His goodness. HIS love is perfect and reaches out to every person to whom HE has given breath. It's beyond comprehension! Pastor Edon preached this morning and two babies were dedicated. A good day in the house of the Lord!

God is so good. He knows just what we need long before we're aware of it. This weekend I was blessed with a couple of nights away in the White Mountains, joined by 38 friends. Many of you will remember Kevin and Tammy Groder, founding pastors of Northshore Fellowship, administrators and missionaries with MOHI. I was thrilled that Tammy was one of those friends at the conference I attended. Pictured below are (L to R) Carol, Karen, Alexis, Tammy, Beth, and yours truly.

The Lord was close all weekend - I know He abides in me, but I was even more aware of it than usual. He spoke to me through scripture, through song, through friends, and through His servants who shared. In many ways I have been in a stormy season. The waves have been crashing all around. But I know in whom I have believed and He is more than capable of saving and sustaining this mind and body until the day He calls me home. I choose to trust in Him!

My prayer today...

I hope you will join me in proclaiming,

"Jesus is truly my All in All."

Thank you!


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