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Summer Headway

Students and parents came to the schools this week to receive final report cards for the 2021-2022 school year. They also got to hear from the Haiti Country Director, School Director, and Preschool Director.

School's out for the summer, but the clinic doors remain open for our students and neighbors. We're so grateful to our partners at Bless Back Worldwide and Mission USA who keep those doors open for them!

There are always maintenance projects to be worked on over the summer. The guys are making a couple of "windows" in the wall between the original campus and the added lot in Thozin.

The babies don't know if it's summertime. They only know that they get to come to eat delicious food each weekday with their friends. These days older siblings are more likely to join and help to feed the little ones.

Madona makes sure they get their daily vitamins.

Madona has made many friends through the baby feeding program, including this woman. She shared this with me about her friend...

"I took the time to tell her she is so beautiful. She told me she was about to die. I said, no you will live a lot longer. She told me to take a picture of her and when she dies I will have a memory of her. This morning I went to Little Paradise and saw a lot of people. I asked, what's going on. They told me a mommy died. I said, don't tell my friend died. They said we don't know who your friend is. I got my phone and showed them her picture and they said, yes, she is the one who died. My heart broke. This picture was taken on May 24th."

MOHI sponsors a soccer tournament each summer. What an exciting time for the entire community!

There be twins here at MOHI in Thozin!

Lex and I have been working hard in the Dominican Republic this week. Each day we're up with the sun and in meetings until 9 o'clock or later at night. In the midst of it, we do get to experience some really cool moments.

We've already met a lot of people and made some important contacts. We have met with pastors, lawyers, realtors, business owners, civil authorities, and the all-important Jacks-of-all-trades. Everywhere we go, we talk with people - and we listen.

We've listened to stories of difficulties in Haiti that caused people to flee. We've listened to stories of the difficulties and rewards of adapting to Dominican culture. We've listened to stories of errors and loss. We've listened to pastors sharing their passion to help those attending their churches to make good choices.

We've seen that there are hardly any people in the streets during the day - showing that the employment rate is tangibly much higher here than in Haiti. We've seen some gorgeous scenery and fantastic beaches. Fortunately, we are not beach bums, as we'd be bummed not to have the time to enjoy those beaches. We did enjoy looking at them though!

We have known Mr. Bernard for several years through his positions with Food for the Poor and USAID. Last year he accepted a position with us at MOHI. Although I worked all year with him, we never physically worked together. This week he joined us in the DR to help prepare the way for MOHI to work here.

What a pleasure it has been to work with Bernard in person! I already knew him to be organized, polite, and particular. This week I've seen more of his work ethic, his observation skills, the way he makes people feel valued and comfortable, and how he is so "quick to listen and slow to speak.". We're excited to see him occupy a new position that is opening up at MOHI. Next month he will become MOHI's Dominican Republic Country Director. Congratulations Mr. Bernard!

Why go to the Dominican Republic?

Lex and I have spent the better part of the last 22 years ministering in Haiti. While the focus of our work day in and day out is for the people of Haiti, the reality is that the Lord has opened doors for us to minister to foreign visitors and long-term missionaries in Haiti, as well. As political and social problems have heightened so terribly over these past few years, many Haitians have fled their homes and even the country. A large number of them have moved to the Dominican Republic. For myself and our foreign friends, we have not been able to safely travel to Haiti.

Going to the Dominican Republic gives us the opportunity to reach out to so many Haitians in need. Once again, too, we will be able to pick up a part of the ministry that we have been missing - our North American and European friends. Mission trips with MOHI will start up again in January 2023!!! We already have teams scheduled in January and February - we also have additional weeks available in those months. Sooooooooooo - give us a holler at Let's get you back to the Haitian people - just on the other side of the border.

This path into the Dominican Republic has been so inspiring to me. The Lord keeps showing up in both big and small ways. Both cause me to wonder - what is HE up to? I'm so thrilled to be on this journey with you and with HIM.


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