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The Master is Alive!

Happy Resurrection Day to you all!

I hope you had a wonderful day of rejoicing with friends and family. I am so grateful to the Father for raising Jesus up from that grave and giving me new life in HIM!!! How about you? No other decision compares to the choice we make to follow HIM!

We had a full house at the church in Thozin this morning. The married women's ministry presented two songs. I love the creativity they express through movement, as well as the words and music! Pastor Lex shared an encouraging message about the resurrection, reminding us that Jesus is alive and with us today!

We were extremely blessed to enjoy some food, friends, and fellowship this afternoon with fellow missionaries here in Grand-Goave. Prior to the pandemic, we had a vibrant group of missionary women who would meet together weekly. Although we do still communicate online, I do so miss our times together. Spending time with others who share many similar experiences and a deep love and commitment to the Lord is so life-giving. Here we are with Riley, Ally, Jenny, Susan, Brad, Indi, and Dedyne. Each one is a precious gift from Jesus. Thank you Lord!!!

Olucson visited the medical clinic this week looking for relief from a rash he'd been suffering with for a week. He was very happy with his experience and grateful that the clinic was there for him.

This week we again visited Christian Light School, MOHI's newest addition, in Port-au-Prince. It's going to take a good while to get to know everyone, but we are off to a good start!

We took some time to visit each of the rooms so we can begin orienting to them. We found lots of support from Christian Light School's founder, Sherrie, along with Mr. Elionel and Mr. Olritch, who run most of the day-to-day operations. Here we are with them, along with Jephte from Grand-Goave.

The goats KNOW my husband's voice. They come running when he calls them.

My brothers, first cousins, and nephew had the joy of meeting on Zoom with my Aunt Ruth (my dad's sister). She recently celebrated her 98th birthday! We heard many stories for the very first time. It was a very special moment for me.

While in Haiti, I especially enjoy video chats with my grandbabies. It looks like they enjoyed their time celebrating the resurrection today, too.

Lex and I are in the midst of a lot of change - expanding the ministry and relocating our Stateside home, while building the new lab and preparing for our anniversary celebration coming up in July. God is leading and we're thrilled to be following HIM! We so appreciate your support in every way. Thank you!!!

Here are some pictures of the lab progress:


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