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The Touch of Hope

Circumstances are difficult, but the rewards are amazing! Pastor Lex "snuck" through a war zone to get to the Christian Light School in the predawn hours on Thursday. Despite the perils all around, the students and staff came to school all week long. Everyone is making sacrifices for education to keep on flowing. What a joy to see the students have started working on the Christmas program!

Pastor Lex had some very special moments with teachers and students...

He took a good amount of time with the senior class. He shared his own life story with them and told them to never be ashamed of their story. It may be ugly at times, but God will be glorified through it!

They had a great time chatting together and then he gave them an assignment. Each student wrote his/her own story down. I had the great privilege to read these stories. Many of these young lives have scars from trauma - abandonment, death, rejection, extreme poverty, instability, illness, depression, as well as earthquake trauma (serious injuries, nowhere to live, loss of family/friends, and homes...) And yet all of them speak of, not only the education they've received at CLS, but even more so of the hope they have received. Here's a portion of one. (I will keep the identity of the student private):

"My father abandoned me when I was barely a year old. I remember that when I was 6 years old, I was going to have surgery and my mother called him. He replied that he had no money and preferred to leave me for dead. Around 8 years old, I was going to be hospitalized. I almost lost my life. All this because my mom don't have money. Around 12 years old despite everything, I decided to go and recognized this man. He accepted me then reject me. But I struggle to stay strong because the plan of my life is in the hand of the Almighty.

The Baby Feeding Program begins alleviates the stress of providing (or not) food on the mothers and begins instilling hope in the entire family. It also keeps these precious children alive, nourished, and ready to learn.

Pastor Lex hired a school nurse for Christian Light School this week. Marlouse is an experienced nurse who will be caring for the students and staff at CLS. We're grateful to our friends at Bless Back Worldwide who have expanded the capacity of our Electronic Medical Record system to accommodate the Christian Light School clinic, as well as the Mission E4 clinic.

The clinic in Thozin has been getting slammed with patients recently. Part of Pastor Lex's "daily routine" when he is in Grand-Goave is to welcome, encourage, and visit with the patients.

There are inherent difficulties with the lab technician profession that you may not be aware of. Asley told us about a child who came to the clinic with her parents. She needed a blood draw and began to cry. Asley spoke gently with her, but she continued crying right up until the prick, at which time she paused her crying - and proceeded to bite Asley! Her parents quickly stepped in to pry her away. Oh my!!!

This was Roselène's first time visiting a dentist. She had a tooth that needed to be pulled, but she was so scared - as she put it, "it seemed like I saw death in front of me." The dentist took the time to talk her through the procedure and educated her about general dental hygiene. In the end, Roselène agreed to have the tooth extracted and actually left very happy, thanking the dentist over and over again.

Marie Rose's house construction is in full swing. We have raised $8000 of the necessary $18,000 to build this house for the recently widowed mother of infant triplets, three sets of twins, plus several singletons. Wow! We are so grateful for all of you who have donated so that construction could begin. Please consider being a part of completing it. Click the donate button and choose "housing". Thank you!

Pastor Lex met this week with the school directors for MOHI's Thozin and St Etienne schools.

There be FISH swimming at MOHI in Thozin! So happy to they are alive and well and growing! (Part of the aquaponics project established by the Covenant Day School [Charlotte, NC]).

And cows in St Etienne!



And Jesus!

We had a wonderful time with our friends at Christ the Messiah Church this morning. They have a wonderful connection with the Jewish community and I enjoyed hearing the shofars sounding!

God is so good to us! We so appreciate each one who gives, whether out of the overflow or from a position of lack. May the Lord richly repay you! Please continue to hold the people of Haiti up in prayer. May the Lord direct the political players to a peaceful outcome from the difficulties this nation is facing!


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