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Transformative Touch

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Dominican Republic

This past week was incredible. We welcomed a team from New England Chapel to partner with us in ministry. Their presence and energy brought so much joy and impact to the communities we serve.

Highlights of the Week:

Community Engagement: For many, one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was spending time with children in the villages, engaging in conversations, playing games, and doing nails. The smiles and laughter shared were unforgettable.

Water Project in La Grúa: The team worked tirelessly on our ongoing water project. They painted the water house, dug a trench, and laid a pipe from the river to the water house. This essential work will significantly improve the community's access to clean water.

Programs Support: In Baraguana, Cambiaso, and La Grúa, the team assisted with the START NOW and Community Health Promoter programs, making a tangible difference in these communities.

Business Academy Tour: With Aquilina as their guide, the team visited downtown Luperón businesses associated with our Business Academy. Their enthusiastic support and shopping sprees encouraged local business owners.

START NOW Program Expansion: The team registered 30 babies for a third START NOW Early Childhood Intervention program in downtown Luperón. We are excited to begin feedings this week.

Summer Feeding Program Planning: Together, we planned a summer feeding program for school-aged children in La Grúa, ensuring they receive nutritious meals during the break.

Sponsored Children: Several team members had the heartwarming opportunity to video chat with their newly sponsored children in Haiti.

Home Visits: Splitting into small teams, we conducted home visits, connecting deeply with the residents.

Wildlife Adventures: The younger team members spent several evenings trapping and releasing local wildlife, adding a touch of adventure to their trip.

Day Off Fun: A fun day off at Punta Rucia included a boat ride to a sandbar, snorkeling on a tiny island, and a ride through the mangroves.

Cultural and Historical Exploration: The trip concluded with a stop at the historic district on the way to the airport in Puerto Plata, enriching the team's understanding of the region's heritage.

Leadership Training: Our first hands-on training session for future team leaders was a significant success, providing them with valuable experience and insights.

Special Visits: Lex and I were thrilled by a quick visit from our pastor. Exploring together, we discovered a place that reminded us of Jurassic Park, making the day even more memorable.


Kenyan Troops Arrival: On Tuesday, 400 Kenyan troops arrived in Port-au-Prince as part of a multinational force responding to uncontrolled lawlessness.

School Year Completion: This week marked the final week of the school year at MOHI in Haiti, with graduations this week in Thozin and St. Etienne. These ceremonies will be special moments of recognition for hard work and showcasing the talents of our students through speeches, poetry, singing, and dancing.

Early Childhood Program Success: Thanks to our baby sponsors and dedicated team, babies in our care are being fed, growing, and developing well.

Medical and Dental Clinics: Our clinics were open for a full week, providing hundreds of students, staff, and neighbors with treatments for chronic illnesses, wound care, and new diagnoses and treatments.

Remember that dental chair Lex was looking at in the Dominican Republic? It's now in the dental clinic in Haiti, and we are working on installing it.

Pastor Lex's Return: Pastor Lex is back in Haiti. His journey through the northern border allowed him to visit historically significant sites, including:

The Dajabòn River: Known locally as Massacre River, it has a complex history involving Spanish settlers, French buccaneers, and, more recently, a canal dispute.

The Citadel: Citadelle Laferrière historical landmark symbolizing Haitian resilience.

Pastor Lex's message in Thozin today was a precursor to our upcoming Church Conference, which begins Thursday. Except for the COVID years, this annual event has been a priority for our church, inviting congregations from throughout the country to our Thozin campus. Local businesses contribute food and drinks, while international donors bear most of the costs for housing and feeding hundreds of guests.


Opportunities to Donate:

  1. Sponsor a Baby in the New Luperón START NOW Program: Help us provide essential early childhood intervention, nutrition, and care to babies in downtown Luperón. Your sponsorship ($30/month) can make a life-changing difference. Sponsor a Baby

  2. Support Our Church Conference: Your donations will help us feed all the participants staying for three nights at our Thozin campus for the upcoming Church Conference. This event brings together congregations nationwide for fellowship, learning, and spiritual growth.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey in Haiti and the Dominican Republic! Our partners are the wind beneath our wings. We are so grateful for each one of you.



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