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Goodbye 2015

As 2015 was nearing its close, our thoughts turned to you and the work that you enabled to take place during 2015 at MOHI in Haiti. We so appreciate you and others who have stood hand in hand with us to bring healthcare, education, spiritual life and growth to thousands every week. We are committed to living in Haïti to facilitate all the details, but we are so glad we are not alone. We have felt your prayers here with us and your financial support enabling ministry to take place. We certainly could not be here without that support and so once again, we say thank you.

We’d like to share some pictures of some very special moments at MOHI in 2015. We hope you enjoy remembering with us what the Lord has done in our midst this year.

Blessings! Lex & Renée

The medical ministry impacted thousands of lives this year. We were sorry to see Leah head back to the States, although we are very happy for her and all the Lord is doing in her life there. She laid a wonderful foundation in the clinic and did a great job working with our new Haitian staff. Our partners at Bless Back Worldwide have continued to work hand in hand with us, greatly impacting lives again this year.

Last year’s dental team reported very poor dental hygiene among our students. Bless Back Worldwide started teaching and put a fluoride treatment system into place that turned that around almost immediately. This year the reports were amazing!

Just about one thousand people were fed each school day this year! For many, that was the one meal they received many of those days.

The Lord used many friendss to provide food, medical care, medicines, footwear and clothing to people in remote, mountainous areas of Grand-Goave, Leogane, Jacmel, and Mirogoane.

We also were able to invest time and resources into a local village.

The aquaponics project flourished – literally! Big fish and plenty of veggies were produced in this first unit.

A solar array was installed in Thozin so the medical clinic could remain functioning even during blackouts.

Music education came into the classrooms this year, along with recorders and bells.

Homes were built for families in need.

A well was drilled for the little village of houses being built by MOHI, our friends and partners.

The MOHI women put on an inspiring conference with wonderful guest speakers!

Plywood “transitional” classrooms were replaced with concrete ones.

Baby Melissa, sister of the somewhat well known Kendy, Asson and Stanley, was born at the front gate of the MOHI campus in Thozin. The Bless Back Worldwide medical team was there to catch her and sweep her into the clinic. She’s a chunky monkey today!

All MOHI high school seniors to date have passed their national exams. Woot!

Forty-six new Believers were baptized at the missionary compound.

About 800 children and youth are receiving a high quality, Christ-centered education, daily meals, and basic healthcare at MOHI.

The library became a reality this year!!!!

We were finally able to procure the property next to the Thozin campus. The expansion has begun!

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