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YOUR Mission in Haiti

School was back in session this week. We have some really great students! And, of course, our staff has a lot to do with that, too. As I strolled down memory lane with some friends this week, I realized that change is now embodied in our students. Attitudes are changing and there is so much more hope being embraced for the future. As a whole, our students truly believe that, with the Lord's guidance, they can realize their dreams.

Our class sponsors have everything to do with this growing hope and continuous change. Their generosity is providing training and salaries for the teachers, chalk for the classrooms, maintenance for the building and yard - the basic foundation for their education. I truly believe that the education they are receiving at MOHI will not only give them a brighter tomorrow, but the effect will impact the entire community and cause a ripple throughout the country. Perhaps that ripple will reach beyond the ocean and touch the world, too.

While education is crucial to their futures, there are other spiritual and physical considerations that are necessary right now. Seeing the work of the cross in their daily education, having opportunities to serve in the church and at the radio station, daily devotions, and weekly Bible studies are some of the spiritual food they are ingesting.

Each school day the students are served a hot meal in their classroom.

All our students have free access to the medical clinic at the Thozin campus and the mobile clinic in St. Etienne. Bless Back Worldwide keeps our shelves stocked with most of the medicines they need for treatment. They've also instituted a weekly fluoride swish program in the school, which is helping protect teeth from rampant decay. Education is definitely a priority in the clinic.

Job training and vocational education are becoming more and more available to our students. Holger and Sigrun Kraft have spent almost 6 months now, training a group of students in baking skills. We've had training sessions in sewing, cosmetology, and carpentry, as well.


Now, for all of our "dental professional" friends and all of you who get routine dental care... We are opening our full-time dental clinic very soon. We will hire a full-time dentist, as well as welcoming foreign dental professionals who are willing to donate their time, knowledge, skills, and energy for a few days or even a week.

This dental clinic will majorly impact the well-being of our students, as well as the communities we serve. Please consider joining us in this venture. We are looking for people willing to commit to a monthly donation toward our dental fund. This fund will be used specifically to keep the dental clinic open (paying salaries, electricity, supplies, etc.). We know the dental clinic will not be able to support itself to begin with, so partners in this venture are crucial. It is our hope that as class sponsorships increase and our reputation builds, the dental clinic will become self-supporting. In the meantime, however, we need help to make this happen.


  1. Go to MOHI's donation page.

  2. Click on an amount under "sponsor a class"

  3. Follow the directions

  4. In the memo, write "Dental Fund" or, if you'd prefer to sponsor a class, write the grade level you'd like to support (preschool 1 (3 year olds), preschool 2 (4 year olds), Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

  5. If you missed the memo (which is too easy to do), drop me a note here and I will make sure we know which area to put your support into.


Lex and I and our churches pray for our supporters regularly. We thank the Lord for you! All the reports you receive about MOHI's impact in people's lives would never happen without friends, families, even total strangers participating either financially or physically.

When we say thank you, it's not just politeness. We are united in the purpose of being a blessing, bringing life to the dying and hope to the hopeless. MOHI is not Lex and Renee - it is all of us working together. THANK YOU for being a part of MOHI!!!

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