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All in a Name

Today I'd like to start out with some reflections about fathers...


That's what I've called Lex for the past 21 years. (I call him Hon, Honey, Babe, and Lex, too!) Our kids call him Dad or Papa, but I find myself always referring to him as Daddy. There's a special caring connotation to that name that always hits a soft spot in my heart.

For the past 18 years, I have watched him juggle managing thousands of students, clinic patients, government authorities, employees,d visiting teams, and, and, and... Somehow, he has managed to remain "Daddy" above it all. He's really quite remarkable! (Yes, I'm very partial!)



Bernie Rosen was my dad. He was the twinkle of light in a very troubled childhood. Most weekends I was his breakfast date at the local diner or Dunkin' Donuts. He made me feel very special as he would show me off to the regulars at the diner. Whenever Dad took my mom and I out for (fancy) dinner, he would always save a few dances for me. As I hit the double digits, he would brag about my vaulting, soccer and musical abilities.


Many of the people we minister with and to in Haiti will affectionately call Lex Papa. It's used as a term of endearment for him even more than a position of authority and respect. It's so sweet to see little old men call him Papa.

Abba אַבָּא... That would be Father in Hebrew. I was raised in a conservative Jewish home. I went to Hebrew school, too. I learned to read and write in Hebrew, but I never learned what any of it meant - except for the words for God, mother, and father. As a follower of Jesus, I can now call God Abba Father. In Christ, I am His child. The fondness I felt from my Dad (Bernie) I also find in my Abba Father.

Papi... This is what Nathan, Ben, Caleb, Micah, Nyah, and Sophia call Lex. It's also how we refer to him when talking with Alante, our almost 3 month old grandson. Papi loves his babies and they all know it. Papi is a name that, to me, just oozes love while demading respect.

Happy Father's Day to all of you who go by the name of Daddy, Dad, Papa, Abba, Papi... You are so appreciated!

Team G3

We've been blessed once again with a great team coming down from the greater Worcester, MA area, led by Chel Finn. They worked with Dr. Sergeline to hold several different mobile medical clinics throughout their time in Haiti. Our son, AJay, filled in for Lex hosting the team in Haiti, along with our leadership team in Haiti. We are grateful that the team was able to help so many people in need. Hats off to each one and thank you!

Student Life

School is out for the summer. We have some exciting activities planned for this summer with Kids Camps and a new Agricultural Club. Our teachers will be returning at the end of the month for an exciting week-long teacher's seminar with our new friends from Charlotte Christian School. We are so excited about the major investment these teachers are making in our teachers.

Graduations at both MOHI schools will be happening this week. There's just an excitement in the air, as each graduate is anticipating this special moment.

Can You Volunteer Your Time?

We are in need of about 12 more volunteers to help at our tent at SoulFest this year. If you are planning to go to SoulFest, maybe you could give us some of your off time? You won't need to miss your favorite band. Most of our activity is between the more popular band performances and you can choose the hours that work best for you.

If you are able to help, please contact and Alexis will coordinate with you.

Thanks for checking in with us. Hope to see you in Haiti soon!!!

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