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Leading By Example

The highlight of my week can be seen in this pictures:The men from the church in Thozin chose to humble themselves to clean the gathering place. Culturally the women in the church normally take on this type of responsibility. What a joy it was for me to see the men choosing to lead by example rather than just expecting someone else to do it!

Three bus loads of students at the MOHI high school went on a field trip this week. They visited botanical gardens in les Cayes. It was not only loads of fun and lots of exercise, but also very educational. The site had tour guides who were able to share about the plants they were seeing and the MOHI science teachers had their own lessons to share, as well.

Many of our church leaders visited a church in Petit-Goave, where we have been holding mobile clinics from time to time over this past year. It was such a blessing to be able to encourage the ministry there.

We finally have internet service up and running again after almost 3 weeks. Our medical and dental clinics had to scramble with paper records and now have a ton of work to do to catch up. The good news is that we were still able to help hundreds of patients to feel better or begin on their road to recovery.

Something those of us growing up in an average American family might not really consider is the role that food plays in our health. People who are not eating adequately or who are malnourished are at greater risk of disease, complex complications for what are normally easily treatable sickness, and even permanent health issues. The first medicine many of our patients require is an adequate and nutritious diet.

A few days ago our friends at Kids Against Hunger Global and Global Missions Ministry came together to provide 10 ½ pallets of highly nutritious rice and soy packets to MOHI. That's a total of 74,844 meals valued at $18,711. Praise God! We immediately began reaching out to our supporters as we need to reimburse the $2800 for shipping in order to receive this food in Haiti and begin distributing it to our communities, serving it to our students, and clinic patients.

$700 has come in over the past 4 days. We have only $1100 to go by Tuesday (4/31/19) to ensure the food comes to us. Would you please consider helping to provide food to thousands faced with food insecurity right now? Please click here to donate online or click here to let us know a check is in the mail so we know we can count on it. Thank you so much!

The medical and dental clinics went on the road again this week, holding a mobile clinic for our students and neighbors in the mountains of St. Etienne. Some serious cases were seen there this week, as well as the usual discomforts of things like colds and skin rashes. We are pleased to be able to offer ongoing care for patients with chronic conditions there, as well, since we will be returning regularly.

School was back in session all week after everyone enjoyed their Spring/Easter break. I love the enthusiasm we often see in the classroom with our students, teachers, and even the administrators.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Now, on a personal note, because I AM a grandmother now...

As our sweet grandson continues growing and developing (now 13 months old, in case you were wondering), I'm finding new joys in our interactions. He's now enjoying some kids videos that his mom and Uncle used to watch when they were little like him: Billy Bunny's Animal Songs. Apparently these are timeless classics for our family!

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