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Hope for School Opening

A little more calmness was spreading this week in Haiti. Schools in some of the southern cities have begun to open. We are asking students at MOHI to return to school on Monday, so long as (God willing) the streets remain safe.

We know that so many of you have continued to hold our students, friends, and neighbors up to the Father in prayer. Thank you! We so appreciate your support.

Medical and dental clinics continued serving our communities this week. We so appreciate our staff. They have done their best throughout this difficult and dangerous season to be present for their patients.

Pastor Lex returned to the States in time for a great event in our family. Our son AJay proposed to his girlfriend, Cherie Engman. They, along with some of Cherie's family, hiked up a snow-covered Mount Monadnock on a very cold, Thanksgiving Day morning. She was unsuspecting until the moment he went down on one knee. (I'm grateful to have witnessed the moment by video!) We are so thrilled to be welcoming Cherie into the Edme family!

Pastor Lex was also on hand for Alexia Ruth's dedication this morning. It was definitely a special family day for us!

While we hunker down here in MA, where we are expecting about a foot of snow, we are also eagerly awaiting some good news from Haiti. We long to see our students back in school, moving forward with great expectancy for the good futures God has planned for them.

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