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Super Sunday

I understand there's going to be a big football game tonight. I had to Google "Super Bowl" to find out who's playing. I'm a New Englander through and through, so if the Patriots aren't playing and I'm in Haiti anyway - I'm out of the loop. However, for the sake of my friends in California and Kansas City, I will try to sneak a peak tonight.

For me, the super bowl is a small part of this Super Sunday. Mostly it was super because of my time spent in fellowship with the Lord, my Haitian brothers and sisters, and our friends visiting Tree of Hope who joined us for lunch.

It was raining this morning. People in Haiti react to rain similarly to the way New Englanders react to a major snow storm. They are leery of going out. So, we had smaller than usual turnout, yet the Lord's presence was obvious to us. Pastor Lex talked with us about being a witness to others of the goodness, kindness, and love of God.

Somehow Jephte managed to keep the translation going, even though his daughter came up to "help" him.

We had a busy week in the clinics and school was in full swing.

These guys kept appearing in our path. First thing in the morning they were riding their motorcycles, which they had gassed up in front of their home. In the afternoon they were heading home after fishing.

One of our favorites here in Haiti - Beef sauce over rice!

Lex and I enjoy our morning walks. Aren't these mushrooms fascinating?

Pastor Lex also seems to really enjoy gathering food for the goats. Saturday he was in the garden gathering some leaves early in the morning. The goats seem to react when they see the truck coming into their area, as they immediately begin making their way over.

We invited married couples in the church to meet with us this week. We started with 20 couples, singing and praying. Several others joined us as we encouraged the couples to give their lives in service to the Lord, not considering their own desires, but developing the love of God in their lives toward those around them. This love starts in the marriage relationship, spills into the family, and then into the community. We enjoyed sharing stories from our own relationship and some of the habits we've formed and appreciate - like always making our bed together in the morning. We look forward to our next encounter!

Thank you for checking in with us again this week. We so appreciate your support and prayers. Thank you!

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