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Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is back at Mission of Hope International. With the acquisition of the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince, we have been working on a system to be able to keep that sponsorship program active and manageable. With help from the experts at Mission E4, we are on a good track!

Pastor Lex is a great example of the impact child sponsorship can have on a child's life. He wasn't able to go to school until a missionary came to his village and opened a school. She took a picture of 10-year-old Lex and found someone to sponsor him. Through that sponsor's faithful support of that mission, he was able to receive his education. That education added to the solid foundation of Christianity that his parents had built in him, set a series of events into motion. Today, over 1000 other children are being educated under his leadership. Thousands have access to medical and dental care. Hungry children are being fed. It absolutely thrills me to hear students talk about wanting to be like Pastor Lex when they grow up. Not only are they hoping to be successful, but they are hoping to help other people like they see Pastor Lex doing.

Child sponsorship gives us the opportunity to do for another child, what Pastor Lex's sponsor did for him. He never had the opportunity to meet his sponsor, but he never ceases to thank God for her. One day there will be a joyful reunion between them and he will be able to thank her face to face. She probably has no idea what became of that little boy she sponsored, but the Lord knows and will one day show her.

In Port-au-Prince, Sephora and many of her friends are looking for a sponsor to help support her Christian education, healthcare, hot meals at school, career planning, and more.

If you are already sponsoring a child at the Christian Light School, THANK YOU!!! If you are not yet sponsoring a child, please reach out to me by email at or leave me a message at 978.410.9101 and I will call you so we can talk on the phone about becoming a child sponsor.

I have been working (remotely) with Madame Rosemee this week. She and I have something in common - we both like to smile! We write to each other in English (and she does a great job!), but when we talk - it's Creole all the way!

The medical clinic, pharmacy, and lab have been working smoothly together. Daily prayer and patient education are a great place to start.

Dr. Mabou and Dr. Derival have been keeping busy in the dental clinic all summer long. I'm not sure how they're going to keep up next month when school opens!

There's always plenty of cleaning, repairing, and painting that needs to take place before school opens. We were doing some tile repairs this week.

Sadly, COVID has postponed our plans to hold meetings in Tulsa, OK, and Liberal, KS this coming week. We are praying that our hosts will be feeling better quickly. And we hope to get out there soon!

Pastor Lex will remain in Haiti, preparing with our staff for the new school year, which begins next month. I'm busy preparing, too, but will continue doing my part from here in Massachusetts for now. Unfortunately, security is probably at its worst right now in Haiti. I will refrain from sharing any details. Please join us this week in continued prayer for the country of Haiti, and for our staff, Pastor Lex, and the students in particular. Thank you!

Our students all seem to think they did well on their national exams. Now we just have to wait and wait and wait for the results to be published.

FYI: Outside of the city, people don't go to the grocery store, they go to the market.


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