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Continue Gazing

I'd like to continue with our theme from last week...

We continue in prayer for our beloved Haiti. Here is a quick "glance" at some of the problems:

Haiti continues to be largely gang-ruled. The Prime Minister has replaced much of the current government with people of his choosing. Kidnappings continue unchecked. There are still 15 missionaries being held captive for ransom. The two who were released are reported to have been 2 sickly adults who were in good spirits. Haitians are fleeing the country by any means they can find - which includes dangerous voyages in rickety boats on often violent seas. Recently, a busload of people in Martissant (the area we have to travel through to go back and forth between our Port-au-Prince campus [CLS] and our other campuses) were shot upon with automatic weapons, leaving much "carnage" behind and local hospitals unprepared to treat victims.

Now, let's take some time to "gaze" at the things the Lord is doing...

Approximate 1200 students are attending MOHI schools each day. They range in age from 3 years old to early 20s. They are each receiving a quality, Christ-centered education and a daily meal. They are filled with hope for a better tomorrow.

There is joy at their schools.

The children are learning to be grateful.

Dr. Evens and his staff in the medical clinic in Thozin have been working so hard. There is no such thing as a "slow day" any longer, as every morning there are dozens of patients awaiting their arrival. It's so encouraging to hear the patients' gratitude each day.

World-Wide Lighthouse Missions in Manchester, Connecticut has been supporting MOHI in various ways for TWENTY years. Wow!!! For almost a decade now they have been shipping barrels of supplies to us quarterly. These supplies include a wide variety of items that help us to meet the needs of those to whom we minister. Peanut butter, bedding, shoes, tools, school supplies, nonperishable foods, wound care supplies... the list goes on and on. Some items are used right away for immediate needs. Others are stored for when a need arises - like a hurricane or an earthquake. This week WWLM brought 18 barrels to Boston to ship to us in Haiti. Thank you WWLM!!!

We continue making capital improvements at the Christian Light School campus. "Piti piti zwaso fè nich" - little by little the bird makes its nest. In an attempt to reduce the strong odor, we have been adding plumbing to the boy's bathroom area.

All the gas burners on the school stoves in Port-au-Prince were replaced this week.

In Thozin they call this "a little cleaning up" - I call it painting.

Marie Rose's house is coming along great. Her family has been working along side the workers. They are so excited about their new home! They'll be going from all 12 children sleeping in a tiny room to having 4 rooms for their family.

Next up, are the floors, inside and outside stucco (estimated $6,000). After that, we will be ready to install a roof (estimated $8,000). And finally, we will build an outhouse ($3,000). Will you help us to continue this project? Please consider donating today. Click on the link to the right and choose "Give to Housing" to donate specifically for Marie Rose's house. Thank you!

The Ravine babies enjoy their daily breakfasts!

Enel is from Port-au-Prince. He was very uncomfortable from tooth pain, so he visited a dentist. Unfortunately the problem wasn't resolved. He heard about the clinic at MOHI and decided to travel to Grand-Goave for relief. Dr. Dorival was able to help him and resolve the problem.

Are you gazing with me? What an amazing God we serve!!! He cares about you and me. He cares about our friends in Haiti and He has a provision for each of us.


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