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Glimmers of Hope

Pastor Lex was on the ground in Haiti this week and made it through some, particularly difficult areas safely. Although major issues continue to roar through our beloved Haiti, this week saw a glimmer of hope as a little fuel was delivered to gas stations and more. students returned to school in the capital. There was violence at many gas stations in the country, as people were fighting with each other for a limited amount of fuel, and some stations even had fires set to them. I'm so grateful for the sense of patience and peace at Grand-Goave's local gas station.

We continue in prayer for this nation. The needs are so massive. We know, though impossible for us, all things are possible with God. Would you continue with us?

It was a good week for the students at the Christian Light School and for the babies in the nearby ravine village. Madame Celiane and Jean Elie prepared some leafy greens for them.

Madame Celiane has been with the Christian Light School since it was founded 21 years ago. Jean Elie makes sure the food gets to the ravine each day and into the mouths of the little ones.

Madame Mirose is up before the sun each day, too, preparing a healthy meal for the children. Then the process starts all over again to prepare food for the students.

The students stay busy all day learning - both indoors and out.

Music is a universal language and loved by all!

It's also a great way to remember things - like people's names!

Students in Thozin completed their exams this week.

From time to time the students have important things they want to talk over with the school's administrators.

The students were fascinated with the vet's visit with the goats. Not so sure the goats enjoyed it, but I'm glad it will help them stay healthy.

Mission of Hope International began in Pastor bauvais' front yard over 21 years ago. Each morning he spends time with the clinic patients, offering individual prayer for those who want it. He also holds a time of devotion with them before the clinic opens for the day. This particular morning he was assisted by one of the patients.

I'm happy to say that projects in the Camp Perrin area are still. Cistern #2 is now complete and functioning. We are very grateful to moments of Hope for their generous donation that enabled its construction.

House #1 is moving along well.

House #2 has begun.

Take a look at this video. What effort it takes to build out in the mountains, beyond passable roads!!!

Pastor Lex had to work extra hard that day, but he has plenty of fun moments, too. In the middle of the students is his favorite place to be.

Pastor Lex preached to a full house in St Etienne, Leogane this morning at the MOHI church there.

It's so easy for me to get overwhelmed by what I see and hear from Haiti. I don't even watch the news, but I do see updates on social media. I have to stop and lift my eyes - set them on the One who is trustworthy. He knows me better than I know myself and I trust in HIM. This week, will you join me in setting our eyes on the things above? Can we pray together for the salvation of souls in Haiti? Can we trust the love of Jesus above what our senses tell us? I believe we can. Let's do this!!!

Thank you!


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