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God Sees the Details

It's been a very busy week everywhere in Haiti! The entire country took to the streets, demanding that the prime minister step down. The complaint? People are hungry! There's no fuel. The exchange rate went crazy. People feel like they simply cannot survive this any longer.

While I do my best to steer clear of sharing my opinions about politics in Haiti, I do want to point out that Haiti has not had a president for over a year, since he was assassinated. Removing the prime minister (perhaps for good reason?) will leave another gap in government leadership. Will this make things better or worse? I don't know. I just am not putting any stock into thinking this might actually be a solution to Haiti's woes today. We continue praying and asking the Lord to bring peace.

I was recently inspired by a teaching from Exodus 2:23-25. It occurred to me, too how similar the feeling in Haiti is today.

The people cried out with authenticity to God. They felt that they were at the end of their rope. God heard! God remembered! God saw! God knew! HE remembers every detail of every life.

Isaiah 40:12 and the following verses speak of the greatness of God - the unfathomable details of His creation - the earth, the heavens, the weight of the hills, His justice, His knowledge, His understanding... and He asks who it is that helped Him to be and do all these things? We know the answer: No one. HE knows the details. As we cry out to God He hears, He remembers, He sees, and He knows.

Pastor Lex arrived in Haiti on Sunday - just before all the streets were blocked to all traffic on Monday morning. We're so grateful he was able to get "home" before it all started up. I'm also grateful that the protests in Grand-Goave remained peaceful.

Even though the roads were blocked, many people walked for miles to get to the medical clinic. Our doctors from the next city, however, could not get to work. We chose to hire a doctor who was "stuck" in Grand-Goave so our patients could be attended to. God notices the details and makes provision!

Pastor Lex jumped right into work upon his arrival in Grand-Goave. He did job interviews all week long and had meetings with parents and teachers in preparation for the start of school.

What a joy to see so many gather together to bless Ronald & Ketelène's marriage union this week.

The fish project, established by the Covenant Day School (Charlotte, NC) is going so well that we are building another pond. We expect some fish to be ready to be used in the school and baby feeding programs next month.

The shipping company has delayed picking up the container until the second (second delay). God works all things together for the good, as we received another donation for our dental clinic just yesterday. Praise the Lord!!!

Thank you to these great friends, Jim & Karen, Ken, and Benji, for taking time out of their Saturday to pick up the chair for us. (Those things have to weigh about 500 pounds!!!)

We're super excited to be hearing lots of enthusiasm from so many of you about upcoming trips - Hope Encounters, to Luperòn, Dominican Republic. My Duolingo app is getting a real workout! I'm looking forward to getting to use some of that Spanish soon - and hoping it'll actually come out right when I need it! My Haitian Kreyol is still in pretty good shape, so look out my Haitian friends living in Luperòn - Madame Lex is about to let loose some heavily accented Kreyol on you!!! Our friend Ramond has been working hard getting the house ready for the upcoming Hope Encounters!

We already have 3 teams scheduled for the Fall/Winter. If you'd like to join us, or if your church would like to hear more about a Hope Encounter, please reach out to me at to get the ball rolling!

There sure are a lot of details to consider. It sometimes makes my brain tired! Aren't you glad the Lord is limited like that? I sure am!!! Pastor Lex is very observant and just can't walk by - he is often like this, picking up trash or putting his hand in the work.

I want to thank all of you who are thinking about the details, too. Thank you for praying and thank you for considering the expenses of employment, feeding, and maintaining the campuses. Your picture may not get posted here, but God remembers!


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