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I Can't but We Can!

Yes, I'm still talking about the medical lab. This is such a big deal to me! I have known so many people over the years that went from hospital to hospital and clinic to clinic without ever finding out what was wrong with them.

Doctors need tools and resources in order to help their patients. When a doctor orders a lab test and the patient doesn't have the money to get it done they go back to square one - usually at another clinic or hospital. The best way we can ensure good results for our patients is to be able to perform the necessary lab tests on-site, so we don't lose them to this vicious cycle.

Will you join us in making a difference to those suffering from illnesses today? Please make a donation today.

I want to say "Thank you!" to Sarah Walker and our friends at the Clifton Lutheran Church. They organized a great fundraiser for MOHI. It was in the middle of the COVID pandemic, so they had to go virtual with it. Still, they were able to raise $4,881 to go toward the lab construction project. Thank you!!!

With additional support from our partners in Charlotte, Bless Back Worldwide, (THANK YOU!!!) we are about halfway to completing the rough construction. Our amazing (pro-bono!) architect, Paul Fallon is currently working out the fine details of the floor plan for the lab.

We just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus last week. Even though I'd love to see Jesus face to face right here and now, I am truly grateful that He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us instead. Among other things, He leads, guides, comforts, and advocates for us and HE never leaves us! We are never, ever, ever alone!

Lex and I are currently in the midst of big changes, both in the ministry and in our personal lives. It's all good - really good! More than ever we are so grateful for HIS presence with us in every moment. Over the past couple of months, we have seen so many answered prayers - some before they were even spoken. Dreams that we have shared with each other, but hadn't pursued - we are seeing that God had a better plan and the dreams were but a door cracking open to enable us to comprehend the bigger picture.

Still, the abundance of details that need to be considered can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. More than ever, we need your support in prayer. We are so determined to follow hard after Jesus. We are confident in HIS leading and trusting HE will guide each and every step. We are trusting HIS Spirit to continue as our Advocate, Helper, and Guide. We will step up in HIS strength! Thank you for your support!!!

Our new friend, Sherrie Fausey will continue directing Christian Light School (CLS) through the end of the school year (June, 30th). These 3 months will be a time of gradual transition for all of us until CLS officially becomes an outreach of MOHI on July 1st.

We got some great news this week for Anderson, one of the students at CLS. Anderson was born with no outer ears. Thanks to the intervention of audiologist Dr. O'Brien, Anderson received a bone conduction hearing test this week in Port-au-Prince to determine if he would be a candidate for a specific hearing device. Indeed the test results indicated he is a good fit for this device. The device will be attached inside of a headband that he will wear. Praise the Lord!

CLS has a feeding program in a very poor area near the school called the Ravine. Babies are registered in the program and are fed nutritious food until 3 years of age, at which point they are registered for school and eat there instead. The impact is obvious in the classrooms where the students are all in obvious good shape nutritionally. This little guy in the feeding program ended up with worms. We were happy to bring some medicine for him when we visited the school.

Elizabeth traveled by taxi and motorcycle from her home in Leogane to visit MOHI's dental clinic in Grand-Goave this week. She had concerns about her bleeding gums and a neighbor told her about the clinic. She was pleasantly surprised by the level of care she received, beginning with Pastor Bauvais praying with her to Dr. Dorival's examination, treatment, and education session. How blessed our community is to have dental care available to them!!!

I am grateful for so many friends, new and old alike! We had a visit this week in Port-au-Prince from some "old" friends - the Sutton family: Andrew, Angie, Faith, Glory, Lily, and Rose.

This family holds a very special place in our hearts, as we have shared life together (mostly in Haiti) for the past 10 years. Andrew and Angie's oldest daughter, Faith, was but an infant when they arrived in Grand-Goave. They stayed with us while building the first building for the Hands and Feet Project in Thozin. When the building was ready, we turned over the care of 31 children to them along with a good portion of our staff who had been caring for them.

A year ago they told us they would be moving to Port-au-Prince to work with Missionary Aviation Fellowship. We were happy that Andrew would be able to use more of his skills (flying airplanes!!!) to serve the missionary community, but we still mourned the perceived loss. Little did we know that God had a place for us in Port-au-Prince, too (although we aren't letting go of Grand-Goave!). My heart is so happy that we will still be able to see them from time to time.


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