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Journeying Together

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pastor Lex strides through the dry riverbed, a barren edge between our missionary compound and Grand-Goave's bustling downtown. In moments of torrential rain, this dusty channel transforms into a raging river, hastening with such force that it sweeps boulders and trees to the ocean.

This season in Haiti is filled with hopelessness for the masses—it's truly heartwrenching. Still, as Lex appears in the school, smiles bloom, and laughter can be heard all around.


Certainly, everyone is happy to see him, but let's not forget the hearty meals! The sight of those generous plates surely contributes to the abundance of smiles.

Within the classrooms, dedication abounds as our team pours their hearts into shaping young minds.

 The depth of care our staff shows for our students is truly heartwarming to behold.


Our medical and dental teams continue to go above and beyond, extending their healing touch not only to our students but also to our neighbors in need.


Our maintenance crew has installed new security lights and additional chapel lighting in the spirit of safety and community

Our desire is for God's word to be preached through our actions and conversations. When we gather together for services in the chapel, we thoroughly enjoy loving on one another, worshiping together, and listening to Bible messages that encourage us to shine for Jesus every day and in all that we do.

Even as we work tirelessly in Haiti, our mission in the Dominican Republic thrives. Aquilina's progress in coaching for the Business Academy is a testament to our commitment to empowering communities.


Nurse Marlouse's unwavering dedication sees her traversing villages, providing care, education, and hope to those needing care and understanding.


Through START NOW Early Childhood Intervention, many of you support families facing hard times and hopeless situations. But there is a glimmer of hope beginning to shine in their eyes. Please keep praying for them. And share their story with someone else who may like to be a part of intervening in the lives of a baby and mom.

Excitement brews in La Grúa as preparations for building #2 gain momentum. Meanwhile, those settled in building #1 are busy transforming their spaces into places they proudly call home. Lucie and her boys were kind enough to show us around.


As we gear up for our upcoming road trip to Jacksonville, Tampa, and Fort Myers Florida, and Knoxville Tennessee, we're eager to connect with friends and supporters along the way. If we'll be in your area, drop us a line— we'd love to catch up!

Your partnership and companionship on this journey mean the world to us. Together, we are stronger, brighter, and better. Thank you for being part of our story.


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