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Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Many of you have reached out after hearing that 17 missionaries in Haiti were kidnapped yesterday. I want you to know that our missionaries at Mission of Hope International are all safe, as are all of the missionaries that we have been in close relationships with over the past 21 years. Our hearts go out to those who are currently being held against their will and we cry out to God for their protection. May the Lord also use them in the midst of this situation to be His voice and a reflection of who He is. Please join your prayers with ours.


Over the next month, the overnight temperatures will be cooler and light breezes will bring welcome relief from the intense Haiti sun. People are already looking forward to the December joys of celebrating Christmas with family and friends. Sonson (a MOHI student) has been working on some Christmas drawings. What do you think? He hopes to study art after high school.

Each of our schools is a little different, just as their communities have their own uniqueness. Other things are almost exactly the same. Our St Etienne campus is up in the beautiful mountains of Leogane. The flag-raising ceremony here is also an important part of the start of each school day.

Legos are a part of learning in Port-au-Prince, as well as in Grand-Goave.

Eating hot, nutritious meals, as well as cleaning up happens at all three schools.

Books are critical to learning. In Grand-Goave and Port-au-Prince the students also use computers.

Geometry may not be a favorite subject, but all of the students have to learn it. Why not make it fun?!!!

The students are curious and eager to learn.

All children love to play!

Students in Grand-Goave sing about their school...

The school cooks are very particular about picking out foreign particles from the beans before they use them!

Repetition is a big part of learning in Haiti.

Canes recently share a bit with us about his experience at MOHI. He is in 12th grade now, but started with us in preschool. He says he loves the school very much. He has good quality teachers and there are strong principles in the school. He is grateful that if he gets sick he gets to see the doctor and receive medicines for free. Next year will be his last year of high school. How exciting is that?!!!


What an awesome opportunity we have to give food to new mothers so they can feed their babies! This is an outreach of the Christian Light School which is operated by MOHI in Port-au-Prince.

The clinic at Mission E4 in Leogane opened this week!!!! We're so excited for this community! What a blessing it is to partner with them! Jephte did a great job of helping to coordinate the construction, remodeling, and training coordination along with their staff.

Our medical partners at Bless Back Worldwide stepped up BIG time! They figured out all the materials, supplies, and medicines that would be needed and ordered everything. They put many hours into upgrading the Electronic Medical Records system that they created and that we use daily. They met with the staff, shared protocols and formularies. Thank you to everyone who had a part in getting the doors open. And thanks in advance for the constant support you will be moving forward!

It was also a very busy week in the Grand-Goave clinic. The waiting area was packed!

The dentists have been busy, too.


In the south of Haiti, our earthquake recovery efforts continue. Lots of concrete and

steel go into building the water cisterns. #2 is almost done and #3 is not far behind. We're still looking for funding for #4. Would you help bring water to a whole community of people where there is none?

Our first house in the Camp Perrin area is progressing nicely. This house will be home to a family that lost their home in the earthquake and have had nowhere to live.


What a blessing it has been to have a group of volunteers in Massachusetts who are gathering monthly to put together the physical version of the Hope Report. If you have an email address that you have shared with us, you should be receiving it that way. If you've given us a physical address, but no email, you can join me in thanking these volunteers for keeping you updated each month! If you would like to receive an email version of the Hope Report each month, let me know your email address at . I'm happy to add you to the list of recipients.

Thank you to each one who prays for MOHI, for the schools, for the students, and staff, for the earthquake victims, for the clinic patients, for the lost souls who are looking to see the Light. May the Lord Jesus be glorified in every project, every lesson, every touch, every word. And thank you for your financial support which makes so much possible. Your generosity is impacting lives now and for eternity. No one can do all this alone, but by each person doing what they are able, we are seeing lives greatly changed. Thank you!

But he said, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and Keep it!" (Luke 11:28)


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