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Who Knows?

We had a full week in Jacksonville with our friend, Sherrie Fausey - founder of the Christian Light School (CLS). We worked on administrative details together and met several groups and individuals who have been supporting the work at CLS in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

It's so wonderful to discover so many details of how God prepared this moment from long ago. Sherrie's strength and perseverance in demanding more of her students set her students up for success. Lex's extensive commitment to networking opens doors to help facilitate further education and employment for our high school graduates. Both desire to see Jesus at the center of each day. What a blessing to bring these giftings together for the sake of our students in both Grand-Goave and Port-au-Prince!

Having personally known and experienced what it means to be hungry, Pastor Lex's favorite thing in all that we all do is to feed children. Sherrie is right there with him. These sweeties are enjoying lunch in school at CLS.

Back in Grand-Goave, lots of work is happening. In the preschool classes... the elementary classes...

...and in the high school classes.

There's also time for fun during recess!

The teachers in all grade levels have a lot to offer.

Despite the poverty, Haiti can be a very fruitful land. Agriculture is an important part of MOHI's programs.

We're grateful for our medical staff and partner organizations that help keep our students and communities healthy!

The medical lab and radio station area now has a roof on it!!!

God is faithful. He provides for needs when we least expect it. Hats off to our friends at Chair City Church (Gardner, MA) for providing additional speakers along with chairs for our preschoolers. Thank you!!!

God continues to use relationships between people to accomplish HIS will at MOHI and CLS. Schedules fill up. The work never seems to end, but neither do the joys. I love what we do and I love the people we are doing it with. We see so many wonderful things the Lord has already done and yet we continue to confidently proclaim that the best is yet to come!


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