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Oh So Good!

I so often feel like I’m repeating myself. Perhaps people think I’m writing clichés? But this is my life. Week after week after week, it’s just amazing. God sends the right people to accomplish what needs to be done. We work HARD and we LOVE it!!! It’s OH SO GOOD!!!

The team from Mission USA headed back to Akron on Thursday. They ended up just as strong as they started, finishing up the plumbing and counter tops, roofing and dedicating a house, distributing food and providing healthcare to so many in need, visiting people in their homes and performing maintenance tasks… I can’t even tell you everything they did, but mostly I know that they shared God’s love with us, our staff, friends and neighbors. We are so grateful that they were able to touch so many and accomplish so much.

Most of the Mission USA team

teacher desks assembled by Mission USA team

Pastor Kevin became Plumber Kevin after the team left. They gave us a wringer washer which, of course, none of us were familiar with using. Leah volunteered to be the guinea pig and they figured out how to wash her clothes. Plumber Kevin then went on to install several new faucets on bathroom sinks – including mine! YAY!!!

figuring out the new wringer washer

Plumber Kevin

Linda Robbins, Tim and Shanda Gobeli had an extra special mission to accomplish while they were here. They reached out to the disabled in our community. Dozens of people were fitted for wheel chairs and other mobility assisting devices. They were all prayed with and loved on and Linda, who is a physical therapist, was able to teach them some exercises to help them gain strength and combat pain. Maestro Odenet set aside a day to take Tim and Shanda from house to house, visiting members of the association. They shared the Good News and prayed, laughed and cried. It was a very special day for everyone involved.

A. Jay and Linda Robbins

Tim and Shanda Gobeli, with Cledson, Maestro Odenet and his son, Nelthon.

In the midst of all the excitement with this team, we were still able to move forward with the medical/dental renovations and school completion. This week some of the floors were completed, tile work was started in the bathrooms and fans and lights were installed in some of the rooms.

Fans and lighting fixtures in the dental clinic

This morning’s church service in Thozin was really awesome. We were not expecting Lex to be here this morning, but his plans changed and he was able to come back early and join us. I’m so glad he was!!! He felt he had a special message for the church this morning. It may not sound like mighty revelation to everyone, but it was just what the Doctor ordered for our church. He spoke of conviction, faith and perseverance. He talked about decisions being made out of our convictions (so be careful who you let convict you!), how faith is based on that conviction and the importance of persevering through all those opportunities to give up that flood our minds at times. In concluding his message, he did some role playing with people in the church. It was hilarious and enlightening, as many of us were able to identify ourselves in the various roles being acted out. It was a “fun” way of being convicted.

Play acting grabs everyone’s attention

Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place!

Cuties at the church in Thozin this morning

Oh how the people here LOVE to have a shoeshine!

This week we are hosting a team from Mission E4 at the missionary compound, while they go out to work at their orphanage/school sites in Lacul and Fauche. Scott Long (Mission E4’s founder) and I go back a LONG way (- the pun really was not intended). Scott’s mom and dad prayed with me when I made the decision to follow Jesus and helped to lay a strong spiritual foundation in my life. I actually lived with Scott’s family on two different occasion, beginning when he was about 16. His sister and I also rented an apartment together. It’s so cool to see how our lives are still bumping into each other. All our staff here know him as “Madame Lex’s brother.”

While the team was away today, we ended up having a spontaneous missionary lunch upstairs with Kevin, Tammy, Leah, Gama, Angela, Nathan and my family. We used the new flat grill from Mission USA to make grilled cheese sandwiches (a REAL treat, since we can’t usually purchase cheese here in Grand-Goâve!) and stir fried veggies. While the food we serve our teams is raved about, it gets old after months of eating it, so the change of pace was a real boost to our morale today.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and stir fried veggies. YUM!!!

Congratulations to Gama and Angela, who are expecting another little one!

Gama, Angela and Nathan Parayson

This week, the medical clinic will be closed for inventory. Pastor Kevin has designed a database to track our meds, so between Leah, Angela and Tammy, we’re hoping to have everything counted and entered into the new system.

I want to mention how proud I am of my children, Alexis and A. Jay. They have been working so hard with our teams translating, while going to school and keeping up on other activities. And as many of you can attest to, they are GREAT translators! It blesses me that they help so willingly and really enjoy getting to know so many people. I could never find someone to fill in the gaps the way these two do. I have to wonder what God will do when they head off to college. YIKES!!!

Happy birthday to A. Jay, who turned 16 this week!!!

A. Jay and Alexis Edmé

I love to share with you about all the really cool and wonderful things happening here at MOHI, but that doesn’t mean we live on a cloud of goodness. Just like you, we are in the midst of a spiritual battle. Sometimes the emotional burden (whether our own or more often from concern for others) can wear heavy on those of us here full time. We need to be reminded regularly to cast those burdens on the One who cares for us. Please do remember us in prayer. Lex, Alexis, A. Jay, Kevin, Tammy, Leah, Gama, Angela, Nathan and I are strong in the Lord, not in our own might. Your support through prayer is so appreciated. Thank you.

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