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Busy Clinic

The church in Thozin was noticeably missing people this morning, as many have been smitten with the Chikungunya virus. Likewise, many who are recovering from it joined us this morning. They now have another experience (beyond the earthquake) to relate to each other about. Would you please keep us all in prayer? Our very lives are hidden in Christ and we gladly entrust our health and well-being to Him.

As always, we’re grateful for Leah’s commitment to help us all. She ran clinics for 5 days this week, with various helpers pitching in.

Busy week in clinic with Leah, Tammy, Baby, Martine and medical staff from the UN

It’s unusual to see Leah without there being some children close by. It looks like there may be an art class happening in the afternoons after clinic is done.

After clinic activites

Please remember to pray with us concerning this land next to our Thozin campus. The mission needs more space for the school kids to be able to enjoy recess, a soccer field and the plans for teaching trades to our high school kids. Please tell others about what we are doing here in Haiti. If possible, contact us about helping to purchase this land. I am confident that by each of us doing our part, this land will soon be serving our students and community. Don’t forget! Write to us today!!!

(Left) MOHI campus in Thozin, Grand-Goâve

Pastor Lex shared a message of health and healing – both spiritually and physically. With all the rumors flying about the Chikungunya virus, it’s important that our church has good information from the Bible, as well as from modern medicine. Many have been confused about how the sickness is spread and how it should be treated. Some are following rumors, like… if you take mega doses of Tylenol you won’t get the virus … if you get sick drink lots of rum… etc. So, church is a good time to get everyone’s attention and bring us all onto the same page.

Thozin church this morning

Baby Dedication

Cuties at Church

The Jesus Film

A group of eight girls from our high school joined Alexis in performing a dance at a United Nations Event yesterday. We so appreciate supporters who go all out to help the girls feel extra special in their matching skirts, tops, necklaces and even hair!

United Nations Event at the Logistics Base in Port-au-Prince

Here’s a tiny tidbit from one of the dances…

We had the privilege of hosting a team from Mission E4 this week. We appreciate all that they are doing for the people of Leogane and Fauche and are happy to provide a place for them to be refreshed each evening.

Mission E4 Team

A few times a week, when we have teams in, I will rise early in the morning to cook breakfast on the flat grill for them. As you can see in these pictures, I could use a pancake batter dispenser to help uniformity. Oh, well! They were eaten anyway.

Making breakfast for the Mission E4 team

We’re just about done with the medical and dental rooms now. What do you think of these cabinets?

Cabinets completed in the medical and dental rooms

Rev. Cheryl Minor with a sample of the graduation gowns the Kindergarten class will be wearing.

It’s June – graduation month at MOHI. This year, even our kindergarten class will be looking sharp in their caps and gowns. A huge thank you to our friends Revs. Paul and Cheryl Minor and the All Saints Church of Belmont, MA for providing for this special occasion!

The aquaponics project is working! We have an abundance of spinach growing and the fish are still alive! Shout out to the Covenant Day School in Matthews, NC, for putting this project in place!

Haitian Spinach at the aquaponics project

Our Chilean friend Pablo and a small team from Aquin (about 2 hours south of Grand-Goave) stopped by for a visit this week. We have similar visions and always enjoy the opportunity to fellowship together.

Pablo and friends from Archin

We’re in the midst of a great rainy season. Gardens are green everywhere we go. The first crop of the season? Watermelons!!! Almost everyone is fond of this thirst-quenching fruit and when they are abundant, most partake of the harvest.

Watermelon Season

The mountains are prettier than ever, too. Daily life in the mountains is much different than in the cities. Often I just can’t decide which I prefer, the mission compound by the ocean or the St. Etienne campus in the mountains. This week, Renord took a ride up into the mountains of Grand-Goave to get some plants. He shared these pictures with us:

In the mountains

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