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Soccer Plus

It was an exciting week here in Haiti! Between the World Cup going on and the team from Bless Back Worldwide (BBW) working with us, there was never a dull moment! There was even opportunity to combine the two!

First of all, let me share some pictures with you from the medical portion of the BBW team. They worked so well together with Leah! And Leah told me that many of the team had “the patience of Job.” I love it when providers and their helpers are willing to really listen to their patients, as well as work together for the same goals – healthier children and families!

First day of medical clinic

Medical clinic with Leah in all her glory

Medical clinic in St Etienne

A great week of clinics

New cases of the Chikungunya virus may be slowing down, but the symptoms from those already infected seem to be hanging on. After church this morning, I was speaking with a crowd of people in the front. Everyone was teasing each other about the way they were limping, not able to grasp well, or having trouble turning their head. I tried to figure out just how widespread the virus is. I asked person after person if they’d already had the virus. I must have spoken with thirty people. Only one other person hadn’t had it! Angelise had it a few weeks ago, but late in the week she had a lot of pain creep back into the bottoms of her feet. One advantage of working near the ocean (she runs the missionary compound) is that when you’re in pain you can go sit in the water. The Haitians say that “the ocean is good for all kinds of sickness.”

Angelise dealing with the discomfort of Chikungunya

Soccer by the sea

The soccer portion of the BBW team worked with our school soccer teams each morning, followed by some time with the neighborhood kids. On Wednesday, they invited everyone to the church in Thozin for a World Cup Party. They watched the World Cup together and everyone enjoyed some treats. At the end of the week they gave all the kids each a soccer ball and a tee shirt. As you will see in the pictures below, it was a lot of fun for everyone!

World Cup Party

Don’t mess with us!

You never know where the next Mia Hamm might come from! “I hope all you young girls see yourself up there… We were just like you”. ~Mia Hamm

In Haiti, when you own a soccer ball, you have really arrived!

Jackson and Sheevens

LOTS of happy youngsters with their new soccer balls

Giving out tee shirts and soccer balls

The team spent time walking (and playing soccer) in the villages and paying special attention to many of the children.

Amy making those pretty girls look FANCY

Pastor Kevin returned to Haiti this week, after spending a couple of weeks in the States. He and Tammy will be setting up their household back in the States next month, while continuing to run their nonprofit, Help4Haiti. They have been such a great asset to MOHI and many others here in Haiti over this past year. They have provided important assistance with clinics, technical issues, cataloging library books, caring for visiting teams, as well as teaching karate classes and planting schools of ministry. We hope to continue partnering with them for many years to come, as they continue to persevere in helping the people of Haiti.

Welcome back Pastor Kevin!

Wilson surprised me with some good news this week. Our fish are having babies!!! You may recall that a team from the Covenant Day School (Matthews, NC) set up an aquaponics system at the Thozin campus in February. We have lots of “Epina” (aka Haitian spinach) growing in the plant beds and now we have tiny fish in the tank. We’re excited to see things progressing with this project!

Aquaponics project installed by the Covenant Day School and maintained by our gatekeeper, Wilson

We had a great service this morning in Thozin. Unfortunately the pictures didn’t come out very well. We were happy to have our missionary friend, Ed Locket, join us. He was away for quite some time, between the States and Honduras. It’s always a joy to see him and his young friends from the Happy House ministry. Pastor Lex preached an encouraging message about having faith in God and dashing the doubts.

Pastor Lex in Thozin this morning

Here are a few more pictures from this week, for your viewing pleasure! Thank you so much for your time and support.

Colonel Harpendra stopped in for a visit this week.

Jackson and Lex having fun

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