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Haiti, MA and OK

We had a great week in Massachusetts. We met with many of our friends, family and supporters throughout the week, as well as thoroughly enjoying a family day in York, Maine. We so appreciate the amazing people the Lord has brought into our lives. We are especially grateful for Lennie and Amy Engman, who have given us a home away from home for most of the past fourteen years. Not only to they provide a home for all four of us, but they share in our lives and are rich in godly wisdom to share with us.

Lennie & Amy Engman

We were so happy to receive the news that our friends Chris and Joy Youell’s first born arrived this week. Augustus Gordon Youell arrived on Thursday (quite a bit later than was expected, but certainly at the appointed time!). He weighed in at 9lbs 15oz and measuring 22 1/4″. Congratulations to the Youell family!!! We are so very happy for you!

Welcome to Gus Youell!

Everything continues to go well in Haiti during our absence. Leah, the amazing RN serving full time with us in Haiti, continues to care for dozens of people each day. She wrote to me about the pictures below: “I really love that little boy on my lap. He’s SO sweet and tempts me to rethink my stance on taking children home from clinic. He’s a snuggler and just turned 3. The baby is in the “trying not to get malnourished” program. He’s a different kid with steady access to peanut butter. He just had his 1st birthday. she’s pregnant again. (For the second pic:) That dad was awesome! He was super engaged with both his kids and he and I both had a good laugh when he tried to teach his 2 and a half year old to say “ventilator” (“fan” in Haitian Creole). it was really precious to watch their family”

Leah and her patients

National exam results for our high school juniors and seniors came through this week. ALL of our students passed!!! This is our fourth year of graduating senior classes and not one of them has failed the national exam. We are so grateful to the Lord for His guidance and the many prayers that have been answered on behalf of these students!

The dance team from our school in Thozin was asked, once again, to perform at the United Nations Medal Award Ceremony for the Peacekeepers from Sri Lanka. Maestro Odenet chaperoned the group and we hear they put on a good performance. It’s also a special time for the students, as they get to experience the heat (SPICY!!!) of Sri Lankan food.

Performing at the UN Medal Award Ceremony

The team from Bless Back Worldwide that left at the beginning of August, brought down lots of back packs to share with our students. Our school staff has been giving them out to students this week, along with many needed school supplies.

Back packs from Bless Back

Pastor Edon, the elders, deacons, worship team and married women’s group have been hard at work in the church in Thozin. People are coming and being blessed morning and evening on Sundays, as well as during all the midweek services and activities.

The MOHI church in Thozin

Our family headed out to Tulsa Saturday. We were met by the Lee family, whom Alexis will be living with while attending school here. We settled in and then all worked together to make 120 sandwiches. My understanding is that none of the soup kitchens in the area work on Sundays, so many are likely going hungry. One of the teachers from Alexis’ new school (Victory Christian School) chooses to feed the homeless each Sunday afternoon. We later had some lunch and went to the movies. I was so excited to see The Giver, as it’s one of my favorite books and I did find it very engaging.

Making sandwiches for the homeless in Tulsa

This morning visited the Praise and Worship Center, where our Kids Against Hunger – Tulsa friends, Marshall and Sherry Horn, attend church services. Pastors Ray and Kim Mills invited us to share with the congregation about the Mission in Haiti. The folks were very encouraging to us and we enjoyed lunch with several families. Dr. Lee got Lex to try alligator for the first time! What do you think he said it tasted like?

Pastors Ray & Kim Mills with their daughters

Marshall & Sherry Horn, Lex & Renée Edmé, Dr. Gary & Melissa Lee

Alligator anyone?

This evening we went to the final service at Victory Christian Center’s annual Word Explosion. Pastor Bill Winston from Chicago shared an incredible message that definitely “charged my batteries” spiritually. The praise and worship (musical) part of the service was so awesome. It was international night and there were people dressed in native clothing and songs sung in many languages. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Victory Christian Center’s International Night at Word Explosion

As you can see, we’ve enjoyed our first two days in Tulsa! Tomorrow Alexis will go uniform shopping and we hope to meet with her guidance counselor to set up her schedule for the year. Thank you to all of you for your continued support in prayer for MOHI in Haiti and our family in America. Thank you!

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