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Near and Far

Leah Fuller, RN is really, in my opinion, Leah Fuller, ABG (amazing blessing from God)! American missionaries serving in foreign fields often have a very fine line to walk. It’s easy to be so proud of our American heritage that we get a superiority complex. On the other side of that forever swinging pendulum, we can relate so much to our brothers and sisters where we are serving that we can cultivate a negative attitude toward our visitors as they fumble through the difficult cultural exchanges. Leah and I are very aware of the fine line and try hard to encourage each other to walk it each day. We also enjoy planning our menus together and this week we planted some seeds together.

Leah Fuller, ABG … and RN

Leah and I started a “garden” this week.

Leah put in a full week in the clinic, while fighting with a cold this week. Would you pray for her to recover quickly so she can continue serving in the clinic? Thank you.

There’s been no shortage of babies at the clinic this week.

Leah at work, caring for our students and neighbors

School has been going great. Here’s a little glimpse…

Learning the Importance of Hand Washing in Preschool Class

Painting in Preschool

In the Classroom

Everyone loves lunch time!

Sean Collins and some MOHI students are measuring the sun!

Friends, Food & Water…Life is Good!

I love the choo-choo method of learning to form and move in lines!

Church was awesome this morning. We had a wonderful time of praise and worship and a great word of encouragement from Laramie Brown. Laramie, his wife Amy, and their children Luke (15), Lance (14), Anna (10) and Abby (10) are serving full time now at the Hands and Feet Project here in Grand-Goave. We are really excited about this family and look forward to getting to know them better.

The Brown Family, missionaries at the Hands and Feet Project

Better Late than Never!

Not sure if they’re laughing AT me or WITH me, but I’m glad they’re laughing!

We Love the Kiddos!

Church was awesome tonight, too! Scott Long, from Mission E4 shared an unforgettable message with us about living holy lives. He entertained us with his cookie recipe. He put milk, sugar and some other ingredients in a bowl. He then held up another ingredient and asked how much dog poop we think he should put in the cookies. After several minutes of back and forth, we all understood that none of us wanted even the scent of dog poop in our cookies. He related this to sin and evil influences in our lives. Even a little is disgusting.

Angie and our “Hands and Feet” girls

Scott put together an interested cookie recipe tonight.

Our St. Etienne church had a full house this morning. We were also blessed last week when Pastor Mano and Pastor John conducted a seminar for the area pastors, complete with some reading material for them to take home with them.

Full house at the church in St Etienne this morning

Pastor Mano and Pastor John in St. Etienne

This week Lex took a ride far into the mountains near the border of the Dominican Republic to check on a small school in the little village of Anse-a-Pitre. It was a long and somewhat perilous drive, with giant drops off the edge of the road. It was also breathtakingly beautiful as he passed through the pine forest and lush peasant gardens. He was thrilled to discover that someone cared enough to establish a small school there in boonies of the mountains.


Work this work included some landscaping at the missionary compound. We are using some of the beautiful green rocks that are abundant here to build some stone walls.

Landscaping at the Missionary Compound

What do you think of this guy’s mode of transporting lumber to the job site?

This is how some carpenters get to work.

Thank you for taking the time to read again this week and for being a part of reaching out to the people of Haiti with the love of Jesus!

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