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Leah’s Babies

The Gallet, a very poor village just down the road from MOHI’s missionary compound, is home to “Leah’s Babies.” They do have their own mother, but they are so in love with Leah that Lex and I always refer to them as Leah’s. Whenever they hear a car coming down the road they run to their front “gate” (a tarp next to the tarps that form a fence around their hut) and start shouting, “Leah! Leah! Leah!” We stopped to chat with them on our way to church this morning. It was great fun. Here’s a little excerpt:

Middle brother: (pointing at me) “Is that Leah?”

Lex: “Yeah.”

Middle Brother: Liar! (It’s not so harsh in Kreyol. It’s more like saying “you’re pulling my leg.”)

Older Brother: “That’s a lady.”

Lex: “Where is Leah?”

Little Sister: “She’s not here.”

Little Brother: “Is she gone?”

Lex: “Yes, that’s right. But she’ll be back.”

Middle Brother: “She’s gone?”

Lex: “Yes. She got on an airplane and flew way up into the sky…”

Lex points to the sky and all the kids look up, eyes filled with wonder.

Lex: “She went to visit America, but she’ll be back.”

Little Sister: “To Lexidan’s house?”

Older Brother: “This IS Lexidan!”

Little Sister: “YOU’RE Lexidan?!!!”

Lex: “Yes. I’m Lexidan.”

Little Sister: “OOOOOOhhhhhh!”

I think two months is going to seem like forever to these little ones.

Leah’s Babies (thanks Dalissia for the great pics!)

Lex has been working in St. Etienne daily for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was an exciting day as the work crew poured the floor for the third level of the water tower. The bucket brigade was in full swing all day and they managed to finish up before dark.

Water tower construction in St Etienne

We had a great time in church this morning – lovely praise and worship, special visitors, our beloved church family and a good word from Pastor Lex. It was exciting to see Mr. and Mrs. Costlin presented to the church this morning, after their wedding and baptisms last weekend. They looked very content, knowing that they had put action to the words of their commitment to the Lord. It was fun to have our friends from Chile who are running an orphanage in the city of Aquin, Haiti, join us for church and lunch today. Pastor Thomas spoke in Spanish, which was interpreted into Haitian Créole. No English in there? That was different!

Church Kids

Thozin Sunday morning

Despite Leah’s absence, the medical clinic has been functioning very well this week. I was so thrilled to see the medical staff going beyond the call of duty and cleaning some areas that perhaps are a little neglected during the daily cleaning routine. Just as in America, doctors in Haiti are highly respected by most people. To see a doctor willing to do work that would be considered “beneath” him is a wonderful example to all of us. One of my biggest concerns with educating the youth in Haiti is that they not become so full of themselves that they become a burden rather than a help to their families. I am grateful for good examples for our students to follow.

Medical staff at work

Mobile Medical Clinic in St Etienne

Medical Clinic in Thozin

Speaking of students, I just have to share some pictures of them…

Thozin Students

St Etienne Students

Kendy, Asson and Stanley (students in Thozin) visit the beach and see a double rainbow

I had an intense week of catching up on some work – to the point that I pulled an all-nighter. I amazed myself. I didn’t even start to feel tired until almost 4 in the morning. Of course, that’s when we had a blackout and I had to come out of my “groove” to find someone to turn the generator on. Anyway, I completed my tasks and managed to stay awake until about 4, at which point I took a 3 hour nap! Like many of you, I am now busy preparing our Thanksgiving menu. We are looking forward to having many of our American missionary friends over Thursday evening to celebrate Thanksgiving together. It looks like our missionary friends from Chile will be joining us, as well. I enjoy cooking, but don’t get to do it very often. I will be taking a couple of days our of the office to cook for Thursday. It’ll be great fun and an opportunity to teach Angelise how to make some new American dishes.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful celebration of thanks this Thursday. May God continue to bless the good works of your hands, your families and His church.

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