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Au Revoir

Did you miss me? We had two weeks with no groups coming in, so we decided we’d take a little r&r, while we had the chance. Time away was very different without Alexis. We thought of her often and really missed having her with us. I must say, however, that we actually rested. That was something new. We were gone for two Sundays, so I missed two blog posts. My apologies. Rest assured, however, that everything continued on in our absence without skipping a beat.

Progress continues at the missionary compound. Do you see the new flower bed?

Lina continues working with our little budding artists. It’s so exciting to see these kids have the freedom to paint, draw, glue and glitter. This is not usually part of the regular curriculum here in Haiti, so it’s really special to have Lina working one on one with the students.

Arts & Crafts time with Lina

Leah came to work with us for three months, back when Angela was running the MOHI clinic. A year and a half later, she is returning to her life in the States. It has been a joy to work and live with Leah during this time. Lex and I feel as though we have another daughter spreading her wings and going to the States. (I realize she’s been grown and independent for many years, but we’re talking FEELINGS here!) During her time here in Haiti, Leah worked hard day in and day out in the medical ministry. She’s always been very passionate about her work with her patients. She demands respect for them from the community, our staff and our foreign visitors. She has been a friend to many, including me. She has been a wonderful host to many of you who have served with us here in Haiti during the past year. Many tears have been shed as she prepares to head home, but we all trust that she is never alone and will always remember those she is leaving behind. Would you please join us in praying for Leah and all the Lord has prepared for her? Thank you.

Memories Made

Leah’s Paradise

Leah loves those babies!

Dr. Lavaud and Nurse Ruth will continue caring for patients in the medical clinic. We will bring in some others to help with general administrative duties and, of course, there’s our amazing partners at Bless Back Worldwide who remain committed to the clinic ministry. We know the Lord has a plan to continue from here. Again, your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Melissa Roper represents Bless Back Worldwide here in Haiti.

Last night our friend Cheryl Vasil Minor arrived at MOHI along with a team from All Saints Church in Belmont, MA. Cheryl brought along a new team member, her daughter, Rachel-Anne. We are so happy to see them sharing this experience together. Rachel-Anne will be teaching music to our students all week. The kids had such a great time with this last year with Sandy. I know they will be very excited to have Rachel-Anne working with them this year.

Cheryl hurt her foot last night. The doctor says it should be feeling better in a couple of days.

We had a wonderful service in Thozin this morning, with a focus on becoming as children.

Matthew 18:4 “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (KJV)

This morning they proclaimed, “I have decided to follow Jesus…No turning back, no turning back!”

Thank you for joining us with prayer and/or financial support. Progress happens because we are all working together. Thank you!!!

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