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Lead Us Lord

John Armour, creator of the Aquavast water filtration system that we use here in Haiti, visited us twice this week. We love having John around, as he is always willing to help on our latest projects and share inspiring words of encouragement. He brought some friends over for a quick tour of our work here on Thursday and then returned yesterday with Pastor Byrd. Thursday, Pastor Byrd encouraged our radio listeners from the Bible. This morning he “brought the house down” with a message about emotional and spiritual healing. We see our physical wounds, but many of us have unseen wounds that we need to see the Great Physician about.

Pastor Byrd shares a message with our radio listeners

Pastors John and Byrd joined us in Thozin today

We had another busy week in the clinic. We’re working on systems to keep things going without Leah here. Easier said than done, but again, I trust God will continue to lead us. If you would, please pray for our staff in the clinic, as well as our mission-wide leadership team. We’re always grateful for our partners at Bless Back Worldwide, who communicate with us regularly about the clinic, and for Sally Heier sharing her insights and helping to establish the path for our clinic staff.

Medical Clinic

Evangelina “Lina” Worcester will be heading back to Kansas City this week after working with us for two months. I’m preparing myself for the dozens of little ones who will be asking me for her in the next weeks. Besides working with the kids, Lina also helped out with visiting teams and in the medical clinic. We pray that Lina will hear and follow the Lord’s leading as she considers her next adventure. (Maybe the Lord will allow her to come back to Haiti, too!)

Lina and her creative friends

Here are a few more pictures from this week’s activities:

Friday is outdoor activity day for our preschool students


Primary school students at the MOHI campus in St Etienne

At this point, we have no planned visitors this week. We do have plenty of work to catch up on though. We’ll also start preparing a house foundation. The Congregational Church of West Newbury raised money to build a 2 room home with a porch for a family in need. They will be sending a team to Haiti later this month to work with our Haitian contractors to build the house. What a blessing!!!!

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