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Eight Highlights

Highlights from my week.

1. I realized that I’ve never seen such a giant tomato plant in my life! This is growing (together with some spinach, I believe) in our aquaponics garden at the Thozin campus.

Tomatoes and spinach via aquaponics

2. I have had a soft spot for Christlove since he was 17 months old. He has a knack for getting his way with me. I have a rule that I don’t give him any treats during school. If he happens to see me when school is out, then it’s likely I’ll give him something. Earlier in the week he was asking me for a lollipop before school was out. I told him he could come see me after shool. Instead, I decided to give his whole class the treat. They had just finished up their hot meal for the day. Christlove helped to make sure everyone got “at least” one.

Christlove helps to give out candy in his classroom

3. Travis Knipple came to town to do a little more work on the solar array he installed at the Thozin campus. He and his wife, Jamie, left with a couple of kittens, too.

solar work at the Thozin campus

4. Our students do all sorts of activities, singing, reciting the times tables, praying, writing on the chalkboard… I absolutely love it when I go by a classroom that is silent and the students look something like this.

In the classroom in Thozin

5. I’ve been putting a lot of time into the medical ministry of late. I’m blessed to have Gardith working right in there with me. This week we inventoried all of our meds that needed to go into the “Med Closet” for safe keeping and easier control. Gardith has also been entering daily figures and helping to update electronic charts.

Medical Clinic in Thozin

Organizing medicines

Dr Lavaud and Gardith

6. We attended the 20th Medal Parade for the Sri Lankan UN Peacekeepers in Leogane this week. A group of our high school girls have been working hard for weeks with some of the soldiers on three dances, which they performed at this event. I was so proud of them – especially because they were adorned with such beautiful smiles as they danced. (I apologize for the poor quality pictures.) We also ran into our old friend, Charlie DeTellis and his son Jeremy. Charlie’s father, Pastor George, was one of the most influential people in our younger years and helped us to make some good decisions early on in our time in Haiti. Their family will always have a special place in our hearts.

20th Medal Parade at the UN Camp in Leogane

Charlie DeTellis and his son Jeremy

7. We were so happy to see our friends from the Congregational Church of Newbury arrive safely in Grand-Goâve last night. We are looking forward to a week full of activities, including clinic work, activities with preschoolers and erecting a home for a family in need. Please remember this team in prayer throughout the week. Thank you.

Team from the Congregational Church of Newbury (MA)

8.If you notice me sitting in the front row in church, it’s likely so that I’m not so easily distracted by…

Sweeties at church

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