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Welcome Iowa

This week at MOHI we’ve been quite busy with students getting ready for exams, teacher appreciation party, Josh Putnum came down on Tuesday, and a group from Iowa that came Saturday.

Prepping for exams

Listen to Madam Louisane!

Our elementary, middle school, and high school students have been prepping these past few weeks for exams. On Thursday the junior class threw a teacher appreciation party for our teachers. They sang, danced, and gave the teachers gifts to show how much they appreciated them. Here are some pictures of the party!

The Junior class’ gifts to the teachers

The teachers are very pleased with gifts!

Josh Putnum joined us on Tuesday from Charlotte, NC. We are so excited to have him back! My parents have considered Josh as one of their own ever since he came to us in 2008. Josh is here filming our promo video for Soulfest! He has been shooting all week and is doing an awesome job!

Haiti Selfie by Josh Putnum

Josh is back!

Mriliton Sunrise by Josh Putnum

Kyle and Danielle Bartholic came down yesterday with a group from their church in Iowa. They went to church at our Thozin campus and Kyle preached, while the team taught Sunday School. We are so happy to have them here with us! They will be doing village ministry and some music teaching with the kids!

Kyle and Gama preaching

Kyle and Danielle Bartholic

Sunday School

We are friends with the Sri Lankan peacekeepers here in Haiti and they are leaving this coming week. We are sad to see them leave but we will never forget them!

Pastor Lex and Alexis with the UN Sri Lankan commanders

Don’t forget! Put it on your calendars! MOHI is going to be at Soulfest this year! August 6-8, come out and see us, or even help out! Contact us if you would like to volunteer!


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