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Getting Ready For School

On the Political Front

Legislative elections took place without any major disruptions to life in Grand-Goâve. Other areas have had some scattered hot spots, but overall things have remained relatively calm. There is supposed to be a second round of legislative elections plus the presidential elections coming up, as well. It sounds like there may not be any funds to make this happen. We continue to pray for peace and for the Lord’s will to be done here on earth (specifically in Haiti!) as it is in Heaven.

Haitian President Michel and First Lady Sofia Martelly voting on September 15th. (AP photo)

Back to School

In Haiti, back to school preparations are going well. There’s always plenty of work to do to maintain the Thozin campus. One of our biggest issues is an influx of mud in front of the campus. Each time it rains, topsoil runs off the mountain and land right in front of the campus. So, depending on the weather, sometimes we can employ people full-time, just to keep up with that.

Cleaning out the ditch in front of the Thozin campus

The temporary classrooms (above the medical clinic and Renord’s office) were no longer usable, so we tore them down and replaced them with block walls. We are just finishing up the installation of the roofing right now and will be painting next week before the opening of school on September first.

installing the roof on the classrooms

Medical Clinic

Our medical staff continues to work well together and provide care for our students and the communities of Thozin and St. Etienne. It’s difficult to provide health services in areas where there is so much poverty. Our staff works hard and deserves an adequate salary, which we are paying them. However, we do not yet have the support raised to make this situation sustainable. We have some ideas we are tossing around, but in the meantime, we could really use some help to ensure our staff is being paid regularly. If you are able, please make a monthly or one-time donation specifically for the medical ministry. If you are not able to do so at this time, would you please consider joining us in prayer for the need to be met, as well as for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding necessary to best serve our patients. Thank you!

Baby Melissa visits the clinic

mobile clinic in St Etienne


As we return to the beginning of the school year, we are looking forward to having everyone back in church. Just like in the US, many people (especially youth and children) go away during the summer. In Haiti this is mostly for the sake of visiting relatives. Many youth will go way up into the mountains to spend time with grandparents and cousins that they don’t get to see during the school year. Others go into the capital city to stay with relatives who are have moved out of the village to look for work in the big city.

Church Service in St Etienne

prayer meeting

The Edmé Family

AJay got his driving permit when we were last in the States. Alexis got hers a couple of weeks ago and has been driving us all over the place. She needs to get her license before we head back to Haiti so that she can get herself to college each day. This past week she took her entrance exams, signed up for classes, got her schedule and received word concerning financial aid, grants and scholarships. Tonight/tomorrow we will set up her bed in her new home and begin getting her moved in.

AJay has been very patient sharing driving time. He has been graciously letting his sister get all her driving done before him. This week we’ll be focusing on getting him ready to start school on August 31st. His host family (Revs. Paul and Cheryl Minor) have a room all set for him. We’ll need to make sure he has school supplies and some decent clothes. Of course you all know how that goes.

I find myself thinking they really don’t need to move into their new homes quite yet. And I wonder how strange it’ll be to not have AJay chilling in the next room when I get home from work each day. I do appreciate everyone’s prayers for our family as we transition from having babies with us in Haiti, to having young adults living in the States. Thank you!

As always, I want to thank you for your continued interest in helping the people of Haiti and partnering with Mission of Hope International to do so.

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