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I was so thrilled to find out that the movie War Room was coming to Leominster, MA the day before Lex and I would be leaving Massachusetts and heading to Florida. I had heard only good about the movie and it was a great last event together with our kids for a season. I encourage you to go see it! Sometimes we’re so taken with what we are seeing, hearing and feeling that we forget to see beyond them. I am encouraged to keep going to the War Room on behalf of all the Lord wants to touch through MOHI and that includes YOU!!! Would you please remember us in the War Room, too?


Well, it’s official. Lex and I said “goodbye for now” to Alexis and AJay. We left Massachusetts yesterday morning, driving to Florida. I know many of you have already survived emptying your nest, but OH MY! The tears (mine) started Thursday when I woke up and they come and go without any warning. I am so proud of my kids. They display so many wonderful characteristics. Just as always, I must trust the Lord to continue leading and guiding them and helping them to make good choices. All of you empty nesters, please feel free to share your words of wisdom and encouragement with me. I already miss them so much!

Alexis and AJay in York, Maine


School is off to a great start at the St. Etienne campus. The children are so appreciative of their school and the opportunity to learn close to home.

St Etienne class

The UN Peacekeepers from Sri Lanka have left Haiti. Before going they donated hundreds of notebooks for our students in St. Etienne. Director Voltaire enjoyed giving them to the students this week.

New Notebooks in St Etienne

Our medical staff continues holding medical clinics at our St. Etienne campus.

Medical Clinic at MOHI in St Etienne


Our construction crew is working on the back side of the building that houses our clinic, radio station and upstairs classrooms. With the upcoming purchase of the lot next door, it’ll be important to have the entire building finished.

Construction at the Thozin campus

Our preschool classes have gone from sitting at benches that were way too big for them to having individual chairs and large tables. It’s been a great “up-grade” for them!

Happy Preschoolers

Radio-Tele Partage FM 103.1 is the Mission’s radio station. It’s located on the Thozin campus, but reaches through much of the country – even across the ocean to La Gonave. We have seen many of the young people in the church step up to be a part of this ministry. Naderge and Kimberly, both graduate have a weekday morning talk show, interspersed with contemporary, evangelical music in French, English and Créole.

Kimberly on the radio

Now that summer break is over, it’s really good to see everyone back in church. We love the international flavor of the church!

MOHI church in Thozin

Church in Thozin

Music at church in Thozin

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