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Doubly Blessed

We are thrilled to have two teams joining us this week. Bless Back Worldwide has sent a medical team to minister to the physical needs of our students, neighbors, and beyond. We look forward to another great week with them.

Our long-time friends at the World Wide Lighthouse

Missions in Manchester, CT have been working on a curriculum for teaching sewing in our high school. Today we welcomed Rev. Hamlin, Paula, and Diane for a two week stay. They will be working with 45 of our high school students (3 classes/5 days a week), as well as a couple of “student teachers.” Their hard work will culminate with a fashion show at the end of the two weeks. We’re all eager to see this program succeed.

I had lots of things I wanted to share with you this week, but I ran out of time and internet. I am grateful for the internet service that I have had through my mobile phone. Interruptions in service are rare. Unfortunately yesterday and today there was significant interruption. I also ended up in Port-au-Prince today, which is not a bad thing, but it gave me a very late start to this post. So, get ready for next week’s post, which will have lots of exciting updates.

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share with you from this past week. Thank you for all your support. And please do tell your family, friends, and associates about MOHI and the work impact being made in Haiti. There’s plenty of work to be done and opportunities to get involved through prayer, donations, and visiting. Thank you!

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