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Akron and Haiti

Our time in Akron has been short, but bountiful. We have loved connecting, once again, with so many who have visited Haiti over the years. They started as visitors, but are now friends.

A picture of sad goodbyes from the Mission USA team in Haiti

Fred and Sandy Muffet, from Mission USA set up an itinerary that has kept us busy. We have been staying with Steve and Cindy Brown in their beautiful home on the Portage Lakes. First order of business upon our arrival? A boat ride, of course.

Fred Muffet and Lex are ready to sail...or power, as the case was

Along with the Browns and the Muffets, the Stiles (Tim and Tammy) joined us for dinner. Saturday the men went shopping (you know, Lowes, Home Depot, Harbour Freight... the kind of shopping that I'm not too big on) while I joined some of the ladies for a luncheon. I enjoyed meeting some folks I didn't know and the fellowship was both inspirational and educational.

The Meet & Greet in Barberton was special, as we were able to touch base with many of our friends whom we hadn't seen in quite some time. Sandy and Suzanne made some delicious food and we also made some new friends. We're hoping for some sewing projects to be benefiting our friends in Haiti, soon.

Friends at the Meet & Greet in Barberton, OH

We're so grateful to Clint and Suzanne Robbins for inviting us once again to join the Prime Time Sunday School class at The Chapel. I realized today that I am only a couple of years away from not having to be a guest there, but will be able to qualify (age wise) as a Prime Timer myself. We were able to share a bit about the mission in Haiti, as well as bring a message from the Word of God. Everyone was so kind and generous. We felt valued by everyone.

Our meeting with Tim & Shanda Gobeli who run Strength of Heart Ministries (an outreach of Mission USA) was very productive. We have been partnering with them for close to a year now, reaching out together to the disabled in the Grand-Goave community. Over 40 families are being ministered to monthly, receiving food, and medical care each month through this partnership.

Tim & Shanda Gobeli

This evening we will be seeing more friends and then tomorrow, we head to Niagara Falls. Fred and Sandy have been talking with us for the past 5 years about taking us up there and this year we were finally able to arrange our schedules to make it happen. We'll only spend one day up there, but I am thrilled to finally be able to see the falls.

Remember to join us in Westminster, MA this Saturday from 1-5 PM for our annual meet and greet there!!!

141 Bragg Hill Rd, Westminster, MA

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

While we've been busy in Ohio, Angie and Alicia have been busy in Haiti. We're so proud of them both for staying on track with their respective areas of work and being there for each other in between times...which, apparently includes an evening at a Derek Minor concert.

Angie and Derek Minor

Here are some folks who were helped at the medical clinic

The garden continues producing some FINE looking plantains!

Remember to drop off or ship out some peanut butter for Haiti!!!!

As always, thank you so much for your continued prayers for this mission, our staff, students, friends, and neighbors, as well as for our own family. May the Lord's goodness be in your sights this week!

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