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In HIS Presence

The Christian Leadership Academy was an amazing moment in time for many. Dr. Ron Thomasson, his wife Ruth, Peter and Pastor Esther Plastridge, Pastor Rex Holt, Pastor Nick Acker, and Dan Lee each brought forth timely messages that challenged and encouraged. The wonderful laughter was seasoned with quiet, contemplative moments. Pastors from the north, south, east, and west of Haiti often sat on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Other times they were jumping and dancing with joy.

Hundreds, who came from far away, were housed at the school. There, Madame Pastor Edon and many women from the church made sure they were served breakfast and had all their needs met before descending to the beach, where the day sessions were held. There they cooked food for several hundred people Friday and Saturday. Again, in the evening, they would be sure to fix some food for them before they went to bed. Pastor Lex, Angie and our visitors from Southern California and Texas also joined in serving our guests.

Holger and Sigrun Kraft worked long hours, baking, grilling, simmering, brewing and mixing up amazing creations to keep our foreign guests nourished, content and comfortable. Sigrun had spent weeks preparing breads, cookies, and little cakes to share with our Haitian guests, who were so excited for the special treats.

In the midst of all the festivities, we were still reminded of Hurricane Matthew, as we could not locate and afford enough fruit this year to provide fresh fruit juice for everyone. Everyone understood, of course, and we all rejoice that the Lord preserved us through this dangerous storm.

Lex and I are so blessed to have such wonderful men and women of God in our lives - both from the USA and from throughout the country of Haiti. Each one is a treasure to us. Are there folks in this world that are wealthier than we are? Hardly. Each one, though but an earthen vessel, is full of power, glory, wisdom, understanding... God Himself dwells in them and He speaks to us through them. In addition to that, He gave them some really enjoyable personalities to make my day!!!

A special thanks to Peter Plastridge who shared with us some of the great pictures he took. I'm sure you will enjoy them.

We did some long awaited work at the missionary compound this week, too. What do you think?

Boats occasionally glided by while the meetings were in session. This one is full of sacks of charcoal.

We made some charcoal ourselves after the hurricane, using the broken limbs all over our yard. We made good use of it this week, too!

This morning, as I cooked the pancakes, we had a baptism service in the front yard ... uh ... ocean!

Thanks to Chris for working with Junior to install some additional lighting. Now Holger can see when he's making dinner!

Our guest ministers and friends have been enjoying their meals together. The conversations have been diverse, but all of them seem to be so inspirational and encouraging.

This evening Pastor Ronny is ministering at the English service in Thozin.

When everyone has gone to bed and all is quiet, I enjoy the view from the porch...

Blessings to you all from Haiti!

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