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Reaching Out and Blessing Back

Peter & Esther Plastridge stayed on after the Christian Leadership Academy. They were able to visit the southwestern part of Haiti to witness the destruction and bring a little bit of relief, in the form of clean drinking water. Remember you can still help, too. Donations are needed to continue bringing roofing materials, building houses, and distributions of food, water and personal/household items.

They also worked alongside Holger and Sigrun to begin preparing a garden at the missionary compound. The mission has other gardens, but they are more geared toward the Haitian mainstays of things like mais, beans, and bananas. This garden, Lord willing, will produce things like lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, basil, cilantro... We sure do appreciate the efforts of both of these couples and we pray the Lord's blessing upon them, and on the land, too.

We picked up the first three house kits this week. We are eager to get started with the selection of the recipients and building these homes for them. Due to some logistical/staffing challenges this week, actual construction may not begin until the end of the week or early next week.

After a delayed flight and a flat tire (and it was a NEW tire, too), our friends from Bless Back Worldwide arrived last night. We love seeing all the return visitors (who are now friends) and are happy to meet some folks that are here for the first time, as well. I believe we'll all be friends pretty soon.

I thought you'd enjoy some photos they shared today. This was a lesson in rock skipping from some of the local children by the ocean.

This morning we had a special time in church. Our entire worship team sang and Maestro Odenet sang an original song of thanks to the Lord after a very difficult week of illness. We also joined as a congregation in prayer for Rosenie's healing from uterine cancer. We went on for quite a while with earnest supplication on her behalf. Pastor Lex brought for a message, encouraging unity within the Body of Christ, across denominations, and races.

After church the team stayed in Thozin to add in the medicines they'd brought, set up additional stations, making sure all the computers would go online so we're good to go in the morning. After a leisurely lunch and some quiet time, they headed to the Galet (local village that is very impoverished) to visit and pass out some supplies, before heading up to church for the evening service.

And today they met our newest neighbor in the neighboring village. He's all of 3 days old!

This week the team will be seeing patients (medical and dental), holding a men's health fair (with lots of awesome activities and teaching, as well as seeing the doctors), working with the elementary and preschool classes, doing an outreach, and I even get to have my teeth checked/cleaned, too. I love what Dr. Chris wrote up to share with his patients:

This little guy, Jonelson, was in the clinic last week with tummy problems. Thanks to Bless Back Worldwide and many generous individuals, we can help him and many others to be healthy. Thank you!!!

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