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Vocational Training

Paul Rogers finished up filming and shooting some still photos this week. He was amazing with those lenses!

Our friends from Bless Back Worldwide sent us a small team this past week. Lynda Carlson, owner of Attitudes A Salon (Matthews, NC) has been working on a plan to support vocational training here at MOHI. To that end, this team spent the week training 11 young women in the beginning steps of cosmetology.

The final exam was certainly not a breeze..

...but everyone managed to pass!

Nanncy was really happy to get her certificate from Lynda!

So were these girls...

The team also held kids camp for some our students in the afternoons.

And they joined the MOHI staff, going to Port Salut, where they held clinic...

distributed the food that Mireille packaged ahead of time for them...

They gave out lots of clothing...

loved on the babies...

and got to be a part of building another home.

They even enjoyed some shopping along the way!

We visited with Aline, who is doing very well with her healed leg and new home.

We got to enjoy the aroma of Vetiver, too. This is the roots of a grass grown in Haiti that is used in perfumes like Chanel No. 5.

We were honored to host a lunch at the missionary compound for Dr. Josette Bijoux, former Minister of Health in Haiti. Her father was a strong believer in education - and especially for women. His support enabled her to attain the highest post in the country for a doctor and open more doors for education and healthcare in Grand-Goave.

Holger and Sigrun's 90 days with us came to an end much too quickly. We appreciate all the hard work they put in during that time. They hosted teams, worked with the baking class, conducted a library program with our younger students, planted a garden, and so much more. We truly are grateful for the time we had together and are asking the Lord to bring them to us again!

They left this picture on our fridge. :)

Team G3 arrived last night, from the greater Worcester, MA area. We plan to have lots of activities with them this week, including medical outreaches and education. The team leader, Chel, and her husband Charles were welcomed as they greeted the church this morning.

Will McGinnis, co-founder of the Hands and Feet Project (and founding member/bass guitarist from the award-winning band, Audio Adrenaline) introduced another visiting team to the church this morning.

Alicia's sister, Alena, and two of her friends, Julia and Kaylie, arrived today for a short visit. All three friends attend the University of Massachusetts. I'm sure going to enjoy having so many Massachusettes-ites here this week!

We had a wonderful service in Thozin this morning! The children sang two songs. What a blessing it is to see them give their all, singing to the Lord!

Pastor Edon preached. I took a video that would have been awesome, but somehow lost it. Maybe next time! Tonight Chel is picking up right where he left off, preaching in our evening service.

Here is Davidson and his uncle, Sava. They have both been an important part of MOHI since the very beginning.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this great picture of Pastor Edon, during the hour of prayer program.

Later this week we are anticipating the arrival of a carpentry team from World-Wide Lighthouse Missions in Manchester, CT and our beloved Bob and Sally, from Bob Heier Ministries in Fort Myers, FL. We thank the Lord for strengthening them and bringing them back to us.

Thank you for your time and support. MOHI wouldn't be here without our amazing and faithful prayer partners and financial supporters. Want to be a part of it all, too? Drop us a note!

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