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22 Days Till Christmas

As we come into December, I realize this will be the first Christmas in years that we will be spending in New England as a family. Growing up we always traveled back to Haiti during the winter months. Some family friends would have a "Christmas" for us. It was memorable for AJ and I. I remember we LOVED to play in the snow and eat fresh snow with maple syrup. Winter was fun, but spending most of our time in the tropics did not make us fond of the icy New England temps. Years later we are both adults at different points in our lives. One of us is in school and working the other settled down and expecting their first child. What's a better time to come together for a White Christmas? As you all come together with your families and friends - as you reminisce about your past Christmas memories - don't forget to include those that are less fortunate in your Holiday traditions. Whether overseas or right in your neighborhood, include them in your prayers and your lives.

Back In Haiti

We held a mobile clinic at our St Etienne campus this week. Many patients were seen and received the healthcare they needed. Baby is our new nurse at the mission. She is off to a great start. She's bold, orderly, and caring. She takes an interest in the students, babies, and elderly alike.

Today's a really exciting day for our friend Mano. He shared the following message and photo with us this morning:

Mwen se Mano Izidore mwen vle di nou ki sa mission of Hope intènasyonal fè nan lavi m.

Pandan mwen tap travay nan yon sibè kafe misyon an te genyen. Yo fém obligasyon pou m retounen lekol klasik marye 3 pitit mal fè 9e AF san peye, yo kondwi m nan filo. Apré filo yo fòse m al nan fakilte,yi banm yon pòs pou kòb mal depanse te fet. Jodi a 3 desanm nan se jou graduation m nan syans devlopman. Nan UNASMOH. Mèsi mission of Hope int.


I am Mano Izidore. I want to tell you what Mission of Hope International has done in my life.

While I was working in a cyber cafe run by the mission, they told me I had to return to school. Married, with 3 children, I went back to 9th grade without having to pay for it and they brought me right through high school. After high school, they made me go to college and gave me a job so I could pay for it. Today, December 3rd is I am graduating with a degree in developmental science at UNASMOHI. Thank you, Mission of Hope International.

Congratulations to you, Mano!!!

Jephte, Holger, and Sigrun were invited to the Bible League this week. They were so warmly welcomed and even left with Kreyol bibles. Check them out here. Holger and Sigrun hope to work with the Bible League at MOHI soon, preparing us to share the Gospel with our friends and neighbors, as well as teaching literacy to our community.

Thank you for your donations for the Gathering Place! We have received $2825 and are still heading toward our goal of $20,000. If you would like more information click here. If you would like to make a donation, click on the link below.

We thank everyone for your prayers and support to MOHI over the years. As Christmas nears don't forget to include those that are less fortunate. Make someone's Christmas one that they'll never forget!

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