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How to deal with "Haitian Time"

Wake up at 5:30 AM

Workout at 6:30 AM

Breakfast at 7:30 AM

Daily Coffee at 7:45 AM

Start work at 8:00 AM

Leave work at 5:30 PM

Dinner at 6:30 PM

Watch TV/Clean house/other at 7:30 PM

Bedtime at 10:00 PM


The schedule above is roughly what most Americans have. Everything is scheduled, timed and fast.

Over the years witnessing teams come down to MOHI, I've found that the hardest thing teams try to cope with is "Haitian Time". The definition of Haitian Time is everything is nice, slow, and carefree. As long as the thing gets done, no rush.

"How do you deal with the frustration of scheduled activity not starting on time?"

You don't. You enjoy the time you have. Focus on what you are here for. So what if you're 3 hours late to an event or you're still waiting on different things to be in order before you leave? It's about getting to know your brothers and sisters. Breathe in the atmosphere and beautiful culture around you. So, instead of worrying about what's on the schedule, breathe and enjoy the moment.

When you get back home from your trip, remember to take those moments to just stop and breathe. Don't schedule it. Take a day on a whim and do something fun, spend time with family, or friends.

The Gathering Place

Many thanks to those of you who have donated towards the Gathering Place. The structure is up and functional. Our work isn't finished yet, we still have the interior to finish off. Electrical, painting, lighting, are all things that are still needed. So far we've raised $16,957, we still need to reach our goal of $20,000 to finish paying for the materials and labor used to build the structure. If you would like help us achieve this goal please click the button below to donate now.

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