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Rain Rain ...

It's been a very rainy week in Grand-Goave. The gardens are flourishing and our watermelons are already ripe! There is, unfortunately, a down side to all this rain.

Our Thozin campus is located at the bottom of a mountain range. When it rains in the mountains, the water comes down like raging rivers, carrying the top soil, rocks, and debris with it. The drainage canal along the road quickly fills up with all of this and after a while there's no room left for the water. This results in local flooding.

I am beginning to understand why there are such strict laws concerning wetlands and waterways in the US. Different construction sites up hill from us have caused varying issues on our property. We built a wall to keep newly formed streams (rivers when it rains) from flooding us out. Today, due to the debris being washed down the mountain by the rain, we have water backing up from the road and into our property. The clean up cost comes to us.

On a brighter note, our churches are busy preparing for our annual conference coming up July 4 - 7. We are looking forward to seeing brothers and sisters from surrounding cities and villages coming to stay at our Thozin campus and having ministers from the US join us in encouraging the Body of Christ in Haiti. This will be our 20th annual conference!!!

The medical and dental clinics had a busy week in Thozin. We also held a mobile clinic at our St. Etienne campus.

I'm happy to let you know that we have received a promise for the final $1800 needed to ship the 10 1/2 pallets of donated food. We are so grateful to the Lord for always providing and to so many of you who are quick to respond to a need. Thank you for considering the cause of the poor!

Summer is drawing near and our students are buckling down for the home stretch.

In Massachusetts, we've finally gotten a little taste of summer weather - although it's certain to be more fleeting than a Haiti summer! Alante thoroughly enjoyed a fruit Pop in the warm weather with his Uncle AJay:

Please continue to keep MOHI and Haiti in your prayers. Times have been difficult on many fronts. Inflation has been totally out of control, making it so difficult for even working Haitians to make ends meet. "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." I am reminded that the circumstances of this world are not God. HIS Kingdom manifest to us now is HIS will. HIS provision is not subject to this world. Please join us in setting our hearts in agreement with God's love for the people of Haiti.

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