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Feed the Hungry

Pastor Lex returned to Massachusetts this week. His time in Haiti was very productive and he had many positive things to share with me. The overall situation in Haiti right now, however, is quite dire. People are HUNGRY! Inflation is so out of control that even many who are employed are falling into debt and struggling more than ever to keep food on their tables.

In the world of missions, there has been a "movement" toward self-sustainability and "teaching a man to fish." Lex and I are totally on board with this and have been for decades. Education is critical and we are so proud of our staff and students at MOHI who are so committed to teaching and learning - and to the many volunteers who share their knowledge and skills with our Haitian neighbors.

In light of the current hunger crisis, I am realizing that "teaching a man to fish" doesn't release us from the compassion that demands we feed the hungry. Let us continue doing both - neglecting neither the current need nor the long term vision.

We are so grateful for God's great provision. The food donated by Kids Against Hunger - Tulsa and shipped by many of you who donated, has arrived in Haiti! We've never seen people so grateful for food as they are right now. Thank you to everyone who helped!!!

We recently received a donation of an additional 23 cases of food and are hopeful there will be more coming. We are also getting ready to launch our annual peanut butter drive. Right now, the Lord is bringing food to us. Donations for shipping food will enable us to continue feeding people in our area during this difficult season.

Many of our plantain plants are producing right now. We look forward to having an abundant harvest to share.

It's exciting to see Louines shadowing Dr. Evens and our nurses during his summer break. Louines is one of the children who lived at MOHI prior to moving to the Hands and Feet Project. It's so exciting to see his love of learning and his desire to become a doctor.

Our dentists continue to educate and treat our students and neighbors in Grand-Goave and St. Etienne. If you've ever had a toothache, you know how important a dentist's services can be. They spend time educating our patients, as well, so as to help them avoid future problems.

This week our high school seniors went to Petit-Goave to take their national exams. So many were praying for them. We are looking forward to great results once again.

Take a peak at this video to see how some of our students are using their talents to glorify God.

Thank you for checking in with us. We covet your prayers. We can barely take care of ourselves, never mind others, but with God nothing will be impossible! He is impacting lives every day at MOHI - my own included! I encourage you to take a moment to recall the Lord's provision in your own life this week and thank Him. Have a blessed week!

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