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February is Coming

When I look out over the ocean in front of the missionary compound in Grand-Goave, Haiti, it seems as though all the cares of the world that were pressing in on me are suddenly stilled or even washed away. The magnificence (and sheer quantity) of the water, the beauty of the sunshine glimmering off the waves, the cool breeze coming off the water, and even the people fishing and enjoying the water overwhelm my senses.

I'm so grateful for God's creation and it's awesome alluring qualities. Where ever we are in this world, we can find something magnificent to take our breath away, remind us of the grandeur of the Creator, and bring forth gratitude and praise from our innermost being.

We are currently accepting applications for those interested in serving for a week in Haiti with us this February. Lex and I would love to share our happy place with you while you allow the Lord to utilize you to bring love, education, and caring to our friends and neighbors. Contact us today to start preparing for a special season in Haiti. (Yes, you!)

We had a fire this week on the roof of the school - a breaker box that runs from our solar panels. We're grateful for our missionary friend, Travis Knipple, who will be sending a worker out this week to fix it. If you feel so inclined to help, please click on the picture below to donate toward the $200 needed to pay for parts and labor for this unexpected repair.

Our medical and dental staff did an outreach this week in the village Fauche. It's a joy to our staff to be able to help so many who are suffering.

The church at St. Etienne received a new keyboard and they were all dancing to the enhanced music this morning. The keyboard was donated Stateside and took a couple of months to arrive, but it was so very appreciated!

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of all those touched by the ministry taking place at MOHI in Haiti. Lex and I sooooooo appreciate you!!!

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